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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to Order a Custom Coloured K-x from Japan by Yourself?

Steps on how you will lose your hard-earned money but yet gain a new beloved! ;-D

1. First, run the official K-x colour simulator;

2. Second, go to the Japanese Rakuten (the largest Japanese online purchasing platform) to search for the item you like (and compare the prices as well):-

http://www.rakuten.co.jp/ or http://en.rakuten.co.jp/ for their English page.

Do note that Japanese page do contains more goods and choices plus prices could be a bit cheaper, oftenly.

You can search for the available items then, do note that for both when you search or in the returned search results, the Japanese words "新品" mean "New Items" whereas "中古" mean "Used Gear", e.g., to view all the available Pentax K-x offers, entering the keywords of "Pentax K-x" will bring you to the following link page and results:-


If you have preference on particular shop(s) in Rakuten, just go to their page direct (after you bookmarked them). E.g., I recommend the Mapcamera for their good service and good price (and also their effective communication in English):-


I do recommend that you should select existing stocks of the special colours, rather than to send a custom-made order to Pentax, as a custom-made order cannot be cancelled and the waiting time is long. Read the descriptions on the offer pages for all the details;

3. After identifying your target, you can register at the Rakuten Here, basic English notes are provided per each registration item and if you want more explanation, just click the "Read here!>>" link besides.

You can enter a valid credit card for payment. Charge will not be made unless the order of purchase and availability of goods is confirmed per transaction.

It should also be noted that many Japanese shops at Rakuten actually do not accept credit cards for payment and that they do not deliver to Overseas neither. I shall explain more below for how to overcome these two problems.

4. After completing registration, you should also register at the Tenso.com, and here is an English guide for explanations on what the Tenso service will do for you.

In short, the Tenso will give you a post box and local Japanese address for you to deliver when you order online at Japanese online purchasing websites. So the shops will treat your delivery as local.

Once Tenso receive the goods at your post box (they will give you a specific number under their main postal address when registered), they will inspect the goods for you and pack it, weigh it and then will deliver to your registered postal address.

During the registration process, you should provide a valid credit card number for them to bill for the postal fee and their service charge.

Do note that normally an insurance in the amount of JPY 20,000 is covered per item of goods to be delivered. But if you just want more insurance, you can purchase protection per JPY 20,000 unit at a specific cost. Do read their relevant page and terms for more details and the most updated information, as what I tell is just for your information and reference and may not be up-to-date and totally accurate;

5. Now, you can select the interested item, click purchase and select the preferred payment method from the available options (once again note that different offers from different shops will have different options available, e.g., some simply Only accept Cash on Delivery or Direct Bank Debit).

Do note that do not select COD as Tenso will not accept COD goods and nobody will pay the goods that you purchased, for You!

Do also note that most of those transaction pages are in Japanese even if you are shopping from the English main page. Well, if you know to read a bit Japanese, then it should be Okay. Just try it, it is not very difficult after all. :-)

Besides, you may also wish to read this Shopping Guide of Rakuten for more information:-


6. Send out the order and you will receive confirmation mail to your register email address shortly, usually a machine automatic generated one followed by another confirmation that is made by the shop.

If the shop accepts credit card, then your goods will be delivered and just wait for your new toy!

If the shop do not accept credit card, you should ask them for their Bank Account (and details) to be transferred in English and ask the shop for a revised quotation for that transaction. It is because usually some charge, say, at about 4,000 Yens will be charged as service and handling charge by the Bank for receiving funds from the overseas. Ditto for your local bank which similar service charge would be required when you request the overseas funds transfer.

Just for your reference on the total cost that would incur, the quoted/estimated total cost of my last ordered 099 (Silver + Brown) K-x was about US$680 for the single kit (with a black DAL 18-55). The cost consists of the kit cost + local delivery charge + bank charges (both sides) + overseas shipping charge (by Tenso) + Tenso service charge;

7. Tenso will send out your ordered goods as soon as possible once it is received, checked and packed. They will not keep your item. Once they send out your goods, they will drop you an email. There is no tracking/checking mechanism after the goods is sent;

8. Normally the delivery time is about one to two weeks, depending on the season and the location of you. Just waiting for the parcel and the gift for your new special toy which you cannot find it nor see it easily at your country! :-D

Good luck! If you succeed, I will be glad if you let me know. If there is an accident, just don't blame me! You bear your own risk of any and the consequence of losing the local warranty by ordering the special coloured K-x overseas from Japan!

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Update (9-15):-

* Remark / Note: Now Tenso does NOT ship *any* Lithium (or just any) battery owing to some security concern and local regulations as imposed. This would not be a major issue with the K-x as it uses just ordinary AAs but for the K-r, it would be a major concern and issue that you are to deal with, e.g., you may ask your Japanese dealer if price could be deducted for not having the proprietary battery delivered and eventually you can buy one yourself locally.