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Saturday, January 09, 2010

My K-m Olive Vs K-x Navy (ISO Measurbation)

Well, it's also about CCD Vs CMOS and 10.2 Vs 12.4 MPs! ;-)

The shootout was carried out at almost the same time, for the same target at the same distance, with the same lighting condition (diffused daylight indoor) and using the same lens. The cameras were mounted on a sturdy tripod, shutter fired with an IR remote controller.

Both cameras were set to use the Exactly the "Same" available Pentax Settings; Lens used is my early Japanese production FA 43/1.9 Limited (Effective Film Focal/AOV: 66.0 mm); Av Exposure Mode at f/5.6 (should be the sharpest aperture for this lens); Single AF Mode Focusing on the Centre; Finest JPEG, "Bright" Custom Image Mode, Default Factory Settings at the Green Dots, Factory Default "Sharpness" (Not "Fine Sharpness"), Auto White Balance, Evaluative Metering, No Exposure Compensation, SR Off (as Remote Controller was Used), Shadow Compensation and DR Expansion Off, High ISO NR Starting from ISO 800 and Up at Medium (Factory Default) for the K-x and "Weak" (actually also the Middle Setting) was Selected for the K-m;

(Well, I think this test is much meaningful enough for setting up the cameras like that! No more "Apple to Orange" argument?! ;-D)

Last but not least, and of course, full EXIF data are preserved:-


Not Available
Not Available


1. Click on any of the Thumbnails will download
Large Files in size near 12MPs each;
2. If you still want to view original un-retouched full sized sample, see them here (under the "download" option, select "high res image").

Yet once again, as usual, Happy and Endless Measurbation!

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