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Saturday, January 30, 2010

When Girl Friend Meets Wives! ;-D

Met a new Girl Friend outside so just brought her back to home to meet with my wives, followed by measurbations! ;-> ;-D


Test Conditions:-

1. All bodies are with standard kit zooms of their own for doing the test, i.e.: GF1 + 14-45 @ 35mm Vs K-x + 18-55 DAL @ 45mm + 5D + 24-105 L @ 70mm, i.e., all at Effective 135 Film Angle-Of-View of 70mm;

2. All cameras were set to produce Finest JPEG at Full Resolution, i.e., all at 12 MP something (4:3 Aspect Ratio for the Girl Friend and 3:2 AR for the Others);

3. Av Exposure at f/8 for All Cameras, Matrix Metering, No Exposure Compensation; Default "Film Mode" with default parameters and noise reduction for the GF; Portrait Custom Image for the K-x with default parameters, NR at ISO 1600 and 3200 only and set at "Weak"; Portrait Snapshot Picture Style for 5D at default parameters, "Auto" Noise Reduction (Factory default);

4. Light source: Diffused daylight indoor; Auto White Balance for All;

5. Cameras mounted on sturdy tripod and triggered by the Self-timer; Image Stabilisation turned off for both the Girl Friend and the K-x (forgot to do so for the L lens on 5D - that might affect the slow shutter speed shots at pixel level, say, at ISO 100 and 200). All pictures in this shootout were taken at very close time and at the same place;

6. AF Single with Central Single AF point was selected for All Cameras: LiveView Contrast Detection AF and Metering for both GF and K-x and Phase Matching TTL AF and TTL Metering for 5D;

7. Click on any of the above Thumbnails will download the corresponding Large Version Image (Warning: All Very Large Files). All Large Images were resized at 4,000 pixels in width, camera regardless. EXIF preserved.

Happy measurbating! Which one do you like most btw? :-o (But I can't give any of them to you anyway even if you love them, as they are mine! ;-))

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