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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Like RED Cameras! :-D

This is the new RED Movie Camera that I've just acquired. ;-) Of course, it actually also does still pictures!

My Red NEX is not that RED by the way, but it does have a Large sensor for HD Movie! :=D

More to come..!

P.S. The set, including an external "clip-on" dedicated flash unit, costs (US)$100 less than just a Pentax DA17-70 SDM (Only) standard zoom lens alone, locally. So, my decision and choice is quite easy (as the reserved funds for my new gear is always limited! ;-)).

P.P.S I have been afraid of the SDM issue so much so that I am not brave enough to buy a new SDM lens, especially for a SDM Only (KAF-3) Pentax lens! (But you can't do AF anyway with *any* SDM lens on a SDM supported Pentax body once the SDM dies, even the lens does have the screw driver for the AF for older non-SDM Pentax bodies!!)