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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Latest Japanese ILDC/DSLR Market Shares

Last time the Japanese BCN reported the results for the first half of 2010. This time, they've extracted the results only for the month of June to give a better picture on the latest market situation of the sales of ILDCs (Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras) and DSLRs in Japan:-

(in Japanese, Google translation to English here)

A quick review on the brand share are as follows:

- Nikon: 29% (D90, D5000 and then D3000)
- Canon: 19% (550D and 500D)
- Sony: 16.4% (NEX-5 and NEX-3)
- Olympus: 5.9% (E-PL1)
- Pentax/Hoya: 4.4% (K-x)
- Panasonic: 4.1% (GF-1)
(Remaining Makers/Models: 21.2%)

Well, the Pentax K-x is still there, in the top 10 sellers list, positioned at 9. But my bet is that the K-x will soon fall out of the top sellers very soon. On the other hand, Sony do have got big success with their NEX cameras and the NEX-5 is now positioned at no. 2.

So, as I've just "ranted" last week, when a company could do something quickly that the market likes/wants, she will succeed. In contrast, if another player knew to do nothing, then she will be just sitting there and wait to die!