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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leaked Pentax NC-1 Mirrorless Photos? (Body w/ Two Lenses)

The previous Pentax "NC-1" mirrorless rumour has become more true. The "system" photos are leaked, there are one body plus two lenses:-

via the Mirrorless Rumors:-


But with a crop factor of 5.6X to the 135 Full Frame and using the smallest P&S sensor for a DC of 1/2.33", what's the true meaning of this mirrorless ILDC system? :-o In fact, the IQ of such a mirrorless system will be no better than an ordinary DC and just worse to the more superior prosumers which use just a larger sensor, e.g., the Olympus XZ-1 and the Pana LX5, etc.! :-(

On the other hand, the NC-1 is the first Pentax interchangeable lens body which has a true video motion compression codec in H.264, which the current K-5 and K-r both lack, which is somehow a good news and start anyway, if it is to be true.