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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pentax K-r Rilakkuma Limited Edition

1,000 Pieces; July 8th; 94,500 Yen (~ 1150 USD)..

(in Japanese, Google English Translation Here)

Whilst I do like the variety of different choices of the K-r with different appearances, I really hope that Pentax should make their DSLRs to perform more accurately and with better/higher reliability than what it is now for those latest Pentax DSLRs, namely, the K-r and the K-5. Just for example I do really love my Limited Gold K-r for its appearance, but its high AF error level and the total unreliability just let me down completely. It is indeed utmost annoying and undoubtedly any user will be too frustrated to get OOF (Out Of Focus) photos under typical indoor environments with actually reasonably adequate illumination.

All in all, what I think is just: When Pentax/Hoya concentrates more and more on the outsides of their DSLRs and lenses and marketing, they should put more efforts and do something more for the inside! Really..


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