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Thursday, November 24, 2011

NEX E30 Macro Prime Vs E18-55 Kit Zoom Shootout (Infinity Scene)

The following test shots were made at very close time, in Av mode, from f/4 to f/16 in one f-stop stepping, on tripod with 2-second self-timer, Creative (Picture) Style set to be Landscape (Contrast -1, Saturation 0 and Sharpness 0). Well, the measurbation starts again! (Click to download Large Image in New Tab/Window. All EXIF preserved.)

E30/3.5 Macro

Some brief notes and observations:-

1. No filter was attached to both lenses during the test;

2. The E30 actually has an actual focal length wider than the E18-55 @ 30mm (where both the zoom scale and EXIF indicates that it was at 30mm). A quick check to my last shootout of the E30 against the FA28 re-confirms that its actual focal is closer to 28mm rather than to 30mm;

3. The E18-55 has better corner sharpness than the E30 throughout the whole f-range, right from the wide-opened/nearly wide-opened aperture of f/4;

4. The colour/grey rendition and central sharpness of the E30 seems to be better;

5. At and beyond f/11, the image resolution suffers and the difference between the E30 and E1855 at image corners are not so noticeable. Once again, diffraction is the true culprit!

6. The images tended to overexpose slightly more when the lenses were stopped down.

Besides, if I have the time, I shall test the performance / IQ of both lenses when they are used to shoot close objects, at closer distances. So, just wait for the next shootout! (But only if I have the time! So, no exact commitment here~ :-))


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