Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is K-01 the End of the "Line"? (Pentax Interview @Photokina)

See the latest interview by DPR with Pentax at Photokina:-


How are you planning on developing mirrorless in the future? Or is the K-01 a one-off?

I haven't seen any future roadmaps for that type of product.

Other Q&As that might worth a look:-

Is there room for a higher-end Pentax K-mount DSLR?

We have the 645D, and Pentax is dedicated to that system, but whether there's room between the K-5 cameras and the 645, I can't say.

What is Pentax doing to meet the demand for connectivity in its cameras?

Right now we don't have anything other than Eye-Fi compatibility. But we're researching the technology.

Canon has now released their EOS Remote software that can remote control the EOS 6D via Wi-Fi for accessing various camera functions as well as for Live View video streaming from the camera to mobile devices of which the EOS Remote supports both iOS and Android platforms.

Let's talk about the Pentax Q. What has the reaction to the Q been like in the market as a whole?

It's been interesting because a lot of Pentax's sales are online. And it's difficult in that kind of environment to really show the camera and the size of the camera, and the size of the system. 

If Pentax really knows that their sales are mostly online. They should not raise the now mandatory online selling prices again and again and hurt much of their sales! >:-[

And, we all knew that the Q is small even if it is not yet put in one's hands. But the more obvious is that most people knew that the sensor used in the Q/Q10 is even smaller! :-o

Preview on What's Next Up?

Pentax Forums is going to have an interview with PR's Japanese officials at the Photokina. The following is about their survey conducted amongst their forum members so far for their opinions and questions to be asked:-

And some interesting interim response from the PR:-

Official reply to your comments:

1. Regarding Pentax's USA marketing/customer relations, and the distributor in New Zealand: noted

2. India is a tough market, but we (Pentax Ricoh) do plan to start selling products there in the very near future
3. We do plan on developing AF systems with a greater number of AF points
4. Regarding the full-frame: it typically takes at least 18 months to develop a new product, such as the Pentax Q, from scratch. It may take longer for larger formats. In the past, we told you that we were evaluating the market to see whether a FF body was in demand and feasible to make. Let's just say that we are looking at this particular product type more than ever right now...

A side note: Ricoh, unlike Pentax, finds individual customer feedback to be integral to its product development decisions. We will be listening to your suggestions and they will not go ignored!

Well, my side note to Adam/PF's side note above is: If Ricoh is really listening, they would not have only given us rubbish and craps like those in this Photokina. Btw, my last poll on "what to do next" after this Photokina for Pentaxians still continues. You are encouraged to take part in the vote and make your vote if not yet. I hope Ricoh could listen, but unfortunately I'm afraid NOT in Reality and at the end of the day!

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