Friday, September 07, 2012

K-5II & K-5IIs? (FAKE!)

Via Digicame Info (Japanese, from the same "leak" source as the Q10 "leak").

UPDATE: FAKE! Compare the K-5 images at DPR and you will know!

Do It Yourself!!

Hints: Compare the texture of the rubber at the same particular positions and I also spot this obvious, as below! >:-o

DPR's reviewed K-5:

So called K-5II/IIs:

This makes the last Q10 leak's legitimacy is also in question, frankly.


Anonymous said...

Hope the news about this camera is true, only pies are fake as well as new k-3...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pentax Forums seem to think it's real

mats c said...

For me, it make sense to have a AA-filterless version of the K-3 top-model only

Anonymous said...

hope they are really fakes - Sony, Canon, Nikon - they are all doing great job this year. a "new" k-5 just isn't enough

Anonymous said...

This is how this is going to go:

If it is fake, Rice will claim vindication. If it's not fake, then obviously Pentax is doomed and what are they thinking? :-)

RiceHigh said...

I've proven that it is fake but you've actually proven nothing!

martinpalatsi said...

I think that the only fake are images. K5 II and K5 IIs are a real fact.

News could be:
Safox IXi+ (instead of IX)
Prime M processor (instead of Prime II)
Increased ISO Range
Focus peaking at live view mode
Better Video recording features

Anonymous said...

And... RiceHigh is wrong.... Again...

Check the leaks on facebook of PentaxSpain

Anonymous said...

...yup. it's fake.

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