Thursday, September 20, 2012

DC Watch Photokina Pentax Booth Report
(in Japanese)

As we all knew, there is nothing to be excited about and all the "new" Pentax products are indeed mediocre so that all the "live reports" at the Pentax booth by everyone are more or less the same and they are "concise" enough!

There is one new stuff there is uncommon, though, but it has no practical meaning at all for most of us. Look at this Dumb-Bell!

I just wonder, why Pentax needed to make this camera to be so large for its sides as the lens contained in each side is really so small and tiny?! :-o Did they really mean to create a dumb-bell for exercise rather than a camera? ;->

Besides, the Q-K adaptor and demonstration combo look rather ugly. Ironically, they used again a Full Frame FA lens mounted on the Q, which now becomes a 200mm lens effectively 135 wise. That must be "great"!

At the end of the day, I am afraid that my RH-01 and RH-02 do both look better, with far better IQ and much higher usability than that Q-K combo with adapted K-mount lenses. Indeed, that original-branded Q-K adaptor is no better than those Chinese made ones, which are far cheaper and provide the same function, i.e., it is just a dummy mechanical mount adaptor afterall. Look:-

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