Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Photokina Live Report

At the Pentax Forums:-


They followed the press tour and have reported quickly in this order: Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Nikon and then Pentax Ricoh and finally for two shots of the Canon and Sandisk booths.

The following are quoted for what are reported about Pentax:-

"Within the press kit we found hardcopies of all of Pentax's recent press releases, updated roadmaps, and a CD with official images and specification sheets. These materials contained nothing which we hadn't already seen, which means that no new product announcements will be made by Pentax at Photokina."

Well, it is confirmed that there will be no more new Pentax stuff to be shown at the Photokina by Pentax Ricoh, subsequent to the last press release and announcements on 9-10.

"Shortly after with first arrived, Wolfgang Baus gave an overview (in German) of what was new. Unfortunately, the microphone he was talking into was not connected to an amplifier, but rather individual headsets which could not be plugged in to our K-30 (so next time we'll be filming with a Canon, sorry Pentax)."

The PF guys are funny, they can bring a K-5 (which has a mic input) instead! What's the fuss about? :-D

"On a side note, the representatives at the Pentax stand seemed much more cheerful and enthusiastic than those at the other exhibitions that we had visited thus far. They also knew what they were talking about, admitting to us that the mention of H.264 recording in the K-5 II's specsheet was a typo."

Yes, we all knew that the video specs of the K-5II/s are exactly the same as the old original K-5 (as the processor is the same).

"All of Pentax's new products, with the exception of the 560mm, which was only demonstrated upon request, were readily available for us to test and photograph."

It seems that the DA560 has not yet been ready for production and marketing!(?) :-o

"One thing we noticed about the K-5 II was that its LCD screen doesn't cause any reflections when photographed, which means that the new design will probably make it easier to see outdoors and in bright sunlight. Considering that this is the second of the two improvements made to the camera, we weren't impressed overall, however."

Same as the PF, I am not impressed on Day One neither. The new "air-gapless" LCD is just installing the LCD bare, and then adding a layer of protective coating on it. It is nothing more than that! Btw, the good wishful thinking is that we could imagine that this design is what Pentax is planning for a swivel monitor for the upcoming product(s) in the future!

"As can be seen in the photo above and the video below, the new HD coating further reduces flare and improves light transmission compared to the multi-coating. We believe that type of coating is something that other companies (i.e. Nikon) have been using for a while."

Oh really? PF said that the new HD coating of Pentax is a catching-up? Btw, I am much satisfied with the traditional Pentax SMC and even more so with the newer "ghostless SMC" already! What's the "complaint" about? :-)

And this is the last statement and conclusion of PF's first report:-

"It may be tempting to switch to another brand now that both Canon and Nikon have affordable full-frame bodies, but there are certain things that even they cannot beat Pentax at, and that's why we're confident that Pentax will be making a big comeback under Ricoh's leadership."

Yes, there is no FF on display nor there is any roadmap nor plan RP is to talk about. But yet PR uses a FA*28-70 lens to be mounted on a K-5IIs for display, which IMO is plain stupid and silly enough for further irritating old Pentaxians and actually hurts our sentiments, whom have been waiting for a Pentax FF for too long! >:-(

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