Monday, September 10, 2012

Pentax Spain Reveals New Product Photos at FaceBook (Shortly Removed Afterwards)
(in Spanish)

(Click to Enlarge for the above Screen Capture; The page and related albums with images have now been all removed.)

I admit that I have been wrong since the above is official! (Update: seems to be early released than allowed!) There is really a K-5II and then a K-5IIs (I said K-5N, K-3 and K-3S). And then there is really a completely re-badged and 90%+ Tamron alike "DA"18-270 (I said DA18-200) and so on, which looks rather ugly IMHO. The new DA560/5.6 and DFA645 90/2.8 are also there (that I am still correct with these). I do like the new look of the new Q, though. For that cheaper price and new colours, I might buy this *toy*. Hope that there is a brand new 1/2.3" sensor inside that could deliver better IQ but I don't expect miracle.

Anyway, for people who sent me the "secret" information these weeks since August, provided that your intention was good from the beginning and from your best knowledge, I still have to say a thank you to you, no matter how accurate or inaccurate your information are! :-) On the other hand, if you are just trying to play hoax, pretend someone and to fool the others, no problem - you have succeeded! But then since the expectation is now set to be too high for what has been widely propagated, bigger disappointment is resulted, undoubtedly! >:-(

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