Friday, September 14, 2012

The Most Wanted K-5 Upgrade Path - More New Info!

During these few days I have noticed at various Pentax forums and blogs worldwide that Pentaxians are thinking of "moving on" especially for many of those existing K-5 users. Most of them are thinking about acquiring the new Nikon D600 "cheap FF" and to jump boat and should wait No Longer! >:-o

No problem! Unlike Ricoh Pentax, I am always giving my audience for what they want and interested, here is the latest official sample gallery of the D600, pictures in full size!

The IQ is really impressive. A huge leap from the D700, I would say! The colour accuracy is also the best for what I have ever seen for a Nikon camera, they are more natural but yet rich.

And some latest YouTube videos about the D600, official or not. Enjoy! :-)


"D600 Weights 90g More Than K-5II"

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