Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Death of Online Sales of Pentax Lenses!

This is what Adam, site master of PF, has declared recently:-

"Apparently, the Pentax pricing restrictions are for online sales only. I've confirmed this personally with B&H, and they've also told me that they are working to stop this madness, as it's virtually halting online lens sales."

Congratulations, Pentax! You've finally been able to do something very successfully, with immediate result and achievement! Yes, almost all the online lens sales have been halted, which I must agree with Adam! But WTF is this about? Why doing so? Why B&H should need to think of how to stop "this madness"and still need to try helping Pentax?!

And, how would and could those Internet gear websites, who earn their payback money by linking to their affiliated online stores (both PF and DPR inclusive), survive when all the online sales activities are halted?? Who will promote that death brand for "free" when there is simply no money to earn, anymore? I'm afraid by that time, I shall be the only person who will yet stay but not any body else! :-o

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