Sunday, March 29, 2009

645D Has Interchangeable Digital Back?

Here found a series of leaked images of a prototype 645D:-

It seems that this version of the 645D is a real Evil! It has interchangeable digital back or sensor!

However, the above shown prototype is not the latest version, as the back colour LCD display is just smaller than the prototype that has just been shown at the PIE lately. Let's see if the final production version will have this evil feature or it was just made for convenience as a testing prototype in which the sensor could be changed.


Anonymous said...

Access for sensor cleaning, perhaps?

RiceHigh said...

Maybe, but not very likely. If it is true, that design will create more loopholes for dust to get onto the sensor and does not have significant benefit, although it would be easier to access the sensor for cleaning.

Match said...

The sensor, technically, is just a digital film.

In the film days, Camera manufactures only made lens and body while film made by third-party.

Allowing end-users to choose their digital film perhap a revolution, so that every Cmera manufactures can focus on photography...

It may be just a dream.

Anonymous said...

Look at the newer picture:
I think it's fixed.
The earlier prototype has this feature, but only for the easier developing (maybe has a different concept).

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