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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some "Better" K-m Large Size Sample Pictures ;-)

(Click to download large size photo, not original full size though)

Well, here is an excellent (really! ;-)) practical review of the K-m with various large size sample photos with superb quality posted. Many of the photos were taken with the almost perfect Pentax FA 43/1.9 Limited (my most frequently used lens now, on my K5D). Some others were with the DA 21/3.2 Limited:-

Page 1: http://www.impresswatch.com.cn/xchjzl/489/8713989.shtml

Page 2: http://www.impresswatch.com.cn/xchjzl/489/8713989_1.shtml

Page 3: http://www.impresswatch.com.cn/xchjzl/489/8713989_2.shtml

Page 4: http://www.impresswatch.com.cn/xchjzl/489/8713989_3.shtml

It is also told that "Portrait" colour mode was chosen (which the author found to be best) and shot in RAW mode and then processed using the Pentax Photo Lab for the final pictures.

I hope you guys could withstand the super high image quality before you . . ! ;=D Enjoy!

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  1. In contrast, the latest official Pentax samples (for the DA*55 on K20D) are just rather "terrible". Go figure yourself!

    Link: http://www.pentax.jp/japan/imaging/digital/slr/k20d/ex.html

    Pentax/Hoya's "marketing" folks should really think more on how to market their products in better ways, really..

  2. Anonymous13/3/09 21:22

    Hoya's one top-drawer thing was that them purges Pentax Imaging's original management layer and not marketing as firstly.

    Hoya already got him wants the fruit.

  3. Not really.

    It have been told by different people that Hoya had changed (actually cut) the marketing and sales networks in various ways. They even cut some partnerships with some companies. This have not strictly confined to the camera business, but also the medical business of Pentax (See this annual report of an ex-Pentax partner in the medical equipment field).

    As for the official photo samples, it just shows that how poor their marketing department is in publicity. In fact, they could just post sample photos that shot to a brick wall for all their gear, why no manufacturer ever did it. Just think about it.