Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hoya to Cut Digital Camera Workforce Worldwide

See the latest online news article:


"Hoya Corp plans to cut the Japanese workforce in its digital camera operations to less than 400 employees from about 800 currently, the financial daily Nikkei said in its Wednesday edition."

"Nikkei said most of the Japanese job cuts will come from sales, production management and development."

"The paper said Hoya will also cut its overseas digital camera workforce, mostly in sales."

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PeterZheng said...

Hoya has plan to cuts Pentax Imaging's Japanese jobs 1/2! then the existing all 800 jobs will cut to become 400 jobs.

HOYA、デジカメ人員半減 固定費50億円圧縮

 人員削減の対象は、国内では営業、生産管理、開発部門などで、希望退職や配置転換などを通じて6月までに400人以下に減らす。海外では工場などの生産部門(約2000人)を除き、販売部隊など約300人を対象に削減を進める。具体的な削減数は今後、詰める。内外のデジカメの組織体制は現在の半分の規模になる。 (07:00)

PeterZheng said...

In 2005, Pentax Imaging's Japanese job was 1500 persons, but the end of 2008 became the persons 800, and then will cut again 1/2.

The future 2 years after, would Hoya keep Pentax Imaging?

RiceHigh said...

Yes, that looks rather pessimistic. They even cut Japanese personnel for the development of their products. So, who will do the R&D tasks for a company which have already been very weak in that area for long?

PeterZheng said...

Hoya's CEO Suzuki him has been without interest to the camera, him was just one rapacious merchant venomous. 2004-2006, Hoya's Suzuki wants to buy Pentax's lifecare Division, but Pentax's CEO wants to sell one entire Pentax, and then 2007's Pentax erupted up one anti-mergers war which was between Pentax CEO and board of directors.

PeterZheng said...


Hoya will be cuts (Japan) Pentax Imaging's personnel 1/2 from: marketing, production and management, product development, before Jun 2009.


The overseas, apart from the factory 2000 persons, which marketing personnel 300 persons will be dismissal.

mw said...

Don't you worry, RiceHigh, and other Pentax afficionados. Pentax will survive all turmoil. Where else you could find such a sturdy camera, and not only in their former apparitions (like those Spotmatics, built not unlike tanks) but even the DSLRs of late:
Just yesterday, my K10D, with the SMC DA 55-300 zoom mounted on it, fell from the tripod (height 1.5 m), directly on a terracota floor. On its plunge down, it struck the heavy glass vase, which broke into pieces upon hitting the floor.
The K10D with the 55-300 zoom however didn't suffer an iota! I was paralyzed first, but it turned out that nothing had been damaged, not even the plastic shade of the zoom! Pictures come as perfect as before the fall.
It's incredible, those Pentax machines. They simply DO NOT break!

Anonymous said...

Try this with a FA 31. It does break. Happened to me.

RiceHigh said...

Metal lenses are actually easier to break under big force impact than plastic ones, which are more elastic. But then metal gives us better feel than plastic (it feels more solid), despite plastic actually can be more durable.

mw said...

You're right. Besides, it's a question of sheer BULK of that new stuff. The old ES II with four 1.5 batteries and an smc Takumar 200/4 with its metal shade (1280g all together) is NOT lighter than K10D with accu and 55-300 mounted on it (1260g). But it's so much handier, it's smaller, feels better balanced in your hand (in mine, at least). So these manufacturers have to work on making their stuff not only lighter, but of SMALLER DIMENSIONS, better fitting a human hand.

mw said...

One more thing (I got some advice at PhotoZone, but it still has not corrected the problem):
My Pentax Photo Browser 3.61 (the latest available update) does not display the name of smc da 55-300 zoom which I use with my K10D (firmware 3.10). It does display however the name of 18-55 zoom, as well as all other data of both lenses. My comp specs are as required by Pentax (including SP2). Any ideas?

RiceHigh said...

I think Pentax/Hoya have been on the right path with the K-m, which is small and good to hold. Next, they should make a small Pentaprism DSLR, which is to replace the K20D, soonest.

RiceHigh said...

That lens should be in the database for the software to identify the lens' id via the EXIF tag (manufacturer's notes). Maybe it is just a software bug. Try go to Pentax's support website(s) to see if there is a patch available for downloading.

mw said...

Thanx RiceHigh. The problem has been corrected. The names of both lenses are displayed by the Browser now.

RiceHigh said...

You're welcome. I'm glad that I could be of help.

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