Monday, April 06, 2009

DA* 60-250/4 Will be On Sale Soon

The DA* 60-250/4 lens will be on sale on April 24, although it has been delayed for months now, which was originally targeted to be marketed in September 2008:-
(in Japanese, a translated English version here)

Whilst it maybe "late is better than none", but actually what's the true value of this DA tele zoom?

The lens is selling for 160,000 Japanese Yen, which is roughly equal to 1600 US Dollars at this moment. Still naming it as a DA lens without letting the potential buyers know if the lens is Full Frame compatible or not is just a big mistake, as I have been talking about this for years now (for the first time here). It is because few people will dare to invest further for such an expensive glass, which looks like an APS-C one, without thinking about the future. And especially Hoya has previously disclosed that the standard DA lens specifications would be revised, at the PMA.

Now, it seems that Pentax has already been reworking their latest lenses to cover full frame, as it has been found that the latest DA 55-300 is now covering full frame (see the survey here). However, no end-user can know which lens is full frame compatible and what else are not. And, even if there are no dark corners, the Image Quality when using these lenses on full frame is not guaranteed, i.e., the IQ at image corners when used full framely is rather uncertain.

Well, for how those different DA lenses could work or could not work on Full Frame bodies (film or NOT, if there will ever be one to come in the Pentaxland some days), you can have a look on this detailed and nice survey, at the PentaxForums:-

Afterall, I think unless those people at Hoya/Pentax with power are smarter in making smarter decisions and marketing moves instead of repeating unwise and stupid things once and once again without thinking of making any real and effective changes which could help themselves, I am afraid the current adverse situation and marketing position which they face and are in can never be changed, but just will continue to deteriorate!


falconeye said...

Thanxs for the link to the DA lens on FF test shots thread. Everyone with a (test) shot is invited to participate, be it digital on FF Canon or film ;)

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