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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pentax K-7 Unofficially Announced!

RiceHigh's Pentax Blog is proud and pleased to announce the next upcoming Pentax DSLR, the Pentax K-7 (Official Name!), with the following details, as confirmed and verified from the reliable secret sources of mine!

Disclaimer: This Announcement is purely and 200% *Unofficial*, of course, as I am not Pentax affiliated (of course x2!) and I signed no NDA with Pentax nor with any Pentax related organisation! Read the following at your own risk! I hold no responsibility of any kind for any CBA or even Blog Checking Syndrome caused thereafter!! ;-D

Edit April 26: Table Contents Updated - More Information Added!

Edit April 27: Full Dimensions Updated!

Edit April 28: Kit Lens Info, I/O Ports Info Added!

Edit April 29: Some Photos Leaked at a Russian Forum (penta-club.ru)!

News Coming From:-
Some Interesting Remarks in the Above Second Post, Too.

Two More:
Source Link: http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/pentax-news-rumors/57107-pic-k30d-95.html#post575961

Edit May 1: Another Image..

Source Link: http://blog.photopoint.ee/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/pentax-k-x.jpg


Camera Name: Pentax K-7 (It is "K Hyphen Seven" - *No* "D" Letter and *With* the Hyphen)
Kit Lens:
DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL WR (Water/eather Resistant)

(WOW! HOYA/Pentax have taken my Advice!! That is, a Weather-sealed Kit Lens for a Weather-sealed Body. It seems that they do read my Blog and accepted my "repeated" "Bashes"!!)

Dimensions (by Measurement, Not Factory Specs): 96mm (H) x 130mm (W) x D1-D3*

*D1 = 66mm, from Flange to Grip Rear

*D2 = 74mm, from Grip Front to Grip Rear

*D3 = 76mm, from RTF Front to Grip Rear

Remark: Neck Strap Buckles, Eyecup, Hotshoe and Rubber Covers are All Ignored

Amazingly Truly Compact! Especially for an Upper Grade DSLR Body! (RTF is Far Less Protruding Than Previous Models, Too)
Sensor Format:
APS-C, Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Pentax KAF2 (Crippled K-mount, Support Both Body Driven "Screw-Type" AF KAF and SDM KAF2/KAF3 Lenses)
Viewfinder Coverage and Magnification:
>95% and/or >0.95X ( by my Best Measurement and Estimation - It could be 100% *and* 1.0X ! Actually, I've measured that result but just can't believe it myself !! )
Yes, Manual Pop-up
Live View:
Yes, Activated by One-touch Dedicated "LV" button at the Thumb Position
Movie/Video Recording:
Movie/Video with Mono-Audio Recording
Top Monochrome Status LCD:
Rear Colour LCD:
e-Wheels Control:
Front and Rear Wheels
Green Button:
Yes, Directly Under the Rear Wheel
Exposure Modes:
Green Mode, P, Sv, Tv, Av, TAv, M, B, X, User and Movie
Focusing Modes:
Dedicated AF Button:
Dedicated AF Point Selector:
Yes: Central, Auto and User Select
Built-in AF Assist Light:
Yes, Bright Type (Not Near IR)
Dedicated Metering Mode Selector:
Yes: Evaluative, Centre-Weighted Average, Spot
Controls Around Shutter Release:
Optical/Digital Preview; Two Separate Buttons for ISO Speed Selection and +/- EV Compensation / Top LCD Panel Backlight/Illumination
Other Direct Controls:
With the Four Ways / "OK" Buttons: WB, Flash, Drive and Colour Mode / AF Point Selection Activation
Standard Controls:
Play/Delete (at Upper Left), INFO/MENU (at Lower Right)
RAW Button:
"Fn" (Function) Button:
No (Not Needed with New Direct Controls Design)
Shake Reduction Switch:
No (to be Enabled and Disabled via System Menu)
PC Sync Socket:Yes
IR Remote Control:
Yes, Front and Rear Receivers
I/O Ports:
Left: DC IN, PC/AV, HDMI, MIC IN (Stereo? Very Possibly, I think); Right: Cable Switch Connector
Vertical Battery Grip D-BG4

More to Come when it is Due!

P.S. Well, I can finally add a "K-7" Label Tag at my Blog, as it has been confirmed (by myself :-D) now. And, it is No More Rumour! Btw, the K-7 and K-m do still look like a family, very fortunately!


  1. Shake Reduction with no designated switch, controlled by System Menu instead - it goes against what I'd like. I was hoping for SR turned on/off automatically, by detection of tripod screw (one tends to forget to change SR) and a constantly engaged SR when a focal length longer than, say, 250mm or so, is detected, regardless of whether a tripod mount is enagaged or not. Going through Menu - makes it less convenient than it is in K10D. Seems like K10D still remains Pentax's best design (all things considered) since a long time.

  2. Anonymous25/4/09 02:09

    the contax nx "hoax" is no "hoax".
    the k7 and the nx look like twins!

  3. Anonymous25/4/09 03:06

    What about the sensor? Tell us more about the sensor!

  4. Anonymous25/4/09 03:07

    Nice Work :) Now we want specs dammit specs :P

  5. Anonymous25/4/09 03:17

    Err ... what's "RTF"?

  6. built in flash

  7. Anonymous25/4/09 04:38


  8. Anonymous25/4/09 05:31

    MSRP converted from EUR => 1,699 USD

  9. > Err ... what's "RTF"?

    Retractable TTL Flash.

  10. Anonymous25/4/09 13:39

    No RAW button? :\

  11. Anonymous25/4/09 13:53

    RH, you did mention the pop up flash as *TTL* - as in NOT P-TTL?


  12. Nope. Its P-TTL, but the Term RTF is inherited.

  13. Anonymous25/4/09 15:45

    RAW button exists. See blurry cameraphone shots.
    What I really want to know - how navipad acts - shows menu Fn-like, or I can hold button(s) and turn front e-dial to change WB for example?!

    PS: Cam is awesome, I'll buy it.

  14. Not "Fn" (Function) menu, but a "press (direct) and choose/select" design.

  15. Anonymous25/4/09 17:12

    There is a RAW button in the same place as on the K20D

  16. Anonymous25/4/09 17:14

    "the contax nx "hoax" is no "hoax".
    the k7 and the nx look like twins!"

    No they do not.

  17. Anonymous25/4/09 22:07

    Grip D-BG4 - You said then no chances for square sensor. Why ? Explain yourself please.

  18. A *Vertical* Grip has No Meaning at all for a Square Format!

  19. Anonymous26/4/09 00:03

    A battery grip isn't just used for vertical shooting it adds extended shooting capabilities also give the camera a bigger footprint for us people with banana hands. That being said you are probably right but maybe not.

  20. Nope. It has vertical griping, e-wheels and an additional "vertical" shutter release.

  21. so the bg2 won't work with the new cam?

  22. glanglois26/4/09 02:39

    SR and tripod use are not directly co-related.

    My understanding is that I should turn SR off whilst panning. In many situations, I want to instantly begin panning for a shot. As children play, shooting sports or at an airshow, I do not want to dig into a menu. That alone might keep me using my K10D.

    Did I miss something?

  23. any idea on sync speed?

  24. No further info at this moment, all known things have been told.

  25. > Deimo said...
    > so the bg2 won't work with the new cam?

    Yes, of course.

  26. > glanglois said...
    > My understanding is that I should turn SR off whilst panning. In many situations, I want to instantly begin panning for a shot. (snipped)
    > Did I miss something?

    I think they had to "cut" some buttons in order to make the body neat and tidy. And, whilst going into the firmware menu is not as direct, it might not be too difficult to do and more importantly, for most users, I guess they do not need to do that (switching SR on and off) frequently. At least I think this is just a minor issue to me.

  27. glanglois26/4/09 14:12

    And that's what makes camera design such a nerve-wracking endeavor. Five thousand fussy photographers means five thousand, or six thousand, views on what's vitally important.

    Could we ask for some arrangement/switch/button/toggle/lever/control/dial that can be configured, by the user, to trigger/change/adopt/cancel ANY script/setting/state?

    I'm dreaming again, and it's not even midsummer.

  28. I think the user interface of the K-7 is almost perfect. Actually, virtually all essential controls are with dedicated levers/selectors and buttons. It has all the Pentax good old traditional features like the Hyper Program and Hyper Manual. The need for re-programming is unlikely, except for the lack of a SR on/off switch (for which there might still a custom function to do some customization of buttons). And, all those selectors and buttons have to be marked at the factory, isn't it?

  29. PeterZheng26/4/09 15:43

    Pentax's KM is here:


  30. Anonymous26/4/09 20:56

    Does the K7 handle AVCHD movie file?
    I woldn't like to watch the movie on the small screen of my laptop PC.

  31. I don't know (at this moment).

  32. Anonymous26/4/09 23:18

    HDMI is in

  33. hmm I hope its 100x viewfinder and I hope they have an input for a stereo mic if its wanted, it just seems a bit pointless otherwise. I want some side shots already! I'd love to see some sample shots and videos too :D

  34. glanglois27/4/09 00:01

    Does "bright" AF assist mean using the popup flash?

  35. Anonymous27/4/09 02:52

    About the size of the K20 you indicated (i.e. with respect to volume of the camera)... Any idea what the gram weight will be? Weight has always been an important factor for me.

    Peter F

  36. Anonymous27/4/09 05:22

    I heard it has a mic input? like the 5d mark II

  37. > About the size of the K20 you indicated (i.e. with respect to volume of the camera)... Any idea what the gram weight will be? Weight has always been an important factor for me.

    Six hundred grams something.

    > I heard it has a mic input? like the 5d mark II

    There is a new special I/O port at the right size of the body (at the bottom), but I'm unsure what it is.

  38. Anonymous27/4/09 14:19

    MIC is IN.

  39. This is not good, so small I am likely to loose it

  40. If so, you could never use a P&S! ;-)

  41. RH, IMHO the most important thing is AF improvement - faster locking, less hunting, less prone to BF/FF and not misfocussing in yellow Tungsten light. This should come before any other improvement.

    Do you have any info in that respect regarding the K-7?

  42. Nope, unless I have the gear to *measurbate*.

    But the Sincerity and Heart of Hoya in making this new Pentax DSLR can be seen this time. I guess there should be more improvements inside the body.

  43. Anonymous27/4/09 15:20

    [There is a new special I/O port at the right size of the body (at the bottom), but I'm unsure what it is.]

    It's the wired remote port

  44. Anonymous27/4/09 15:40

    Mic is in is on the left side

  45. Anonymous27/4/09 20:46

    Do you know what is the video resolution?
    1920x1080 or 1280x720?
    and what kind of file it records?

  46. Anonymous27/4/09 22:05

    video is: 1920x1080, recording as quicktime MPG file

  47. Anonymous27/4/09 22:12

    Has the K-7 a special viewfinder, which is a combination of a screen and a LCD? There was a Pentax patent about it. When the mirrow is up, the LCD shows the picture inside the viewfinder

  48. Probably No, but not sure about this.

  49. Anonymous27/4/09 23:13

    is there any leaks about fps performance?

  50. Anonymous27/4/09 23:19

    - FPS?
    - x-sync?
    - back LCD resolution?
    - color depth? 12 or 14bit?
    - wifi with grip?

  51. Anonymous27/4/09 23:32

    iso range?

  52. PeterZheng28/4/09 00:09

    a important recommendation as this news content:
    "One day Canon's made in Japan bow to Nikon's made in Thailand".

    you need to buy this magazine:





  53. Anonymous28/4/09 00:44

    Battery type?

  54. Anonymous28/4/09 05:27

    in the Grip:

    to choose -> AA or LiIon

  55. I think additional battery grip and square format are unrelated, but I can live without it :) 1.3x square sensor might be a really nice thing if you consider that you can more loosely pack the microlenses together on the sensor at the same megapixel count - and it means higher ISO capabilty with less noise resulting superior image quality. Or maybe these are just my dreams :)

  56. Anonymous28/4/09 12:31

    >(WOW! HOYA/Pentax have taken my Advice!! That is, a Weather-sealed Kit Lens ... It seems that they do read my Blog and accepted my "repeated" "Bashes"!!)

    Come on... are you serious ?

  57. It is actually fact about "It seems that they do read my Blog". With reference to the link below, http://nedbunnell.blogspot.com/2009/04/op-ed-thoughts-by-spa.html#links, Mr Ned Bunnell does read your blog...

    I would say both of you own some valid points...

    Anyway, it is a good news to have a weather-sealed kit lens with a weather-sealed body.

  58. On the other hand, I do read Ned's Blog. :)

  59. I think my "strong opinions" should have some effects. :-)

    No matter how, its the end result that is most important, they did it!

    So of course you do read it... :)

  60. Anonymous28/4/09 19:04

    We are hungry for new features .. anyone knows something more? What about RAW? Is DNG compressed?

  61. Anonymous28/4/09 19:40

    ISO 50-6400
    5 fps (till 10 fps in 6 MP mode)
    100 % viewfinder, 1.1 x
    Liveview and HD Video 1920*1080
    77 AF points in LV,
    11-point TTL double-cross sensor.
    77 zones light metering
    1/8000 shutter with 1/250 sync

  62. Anonymous:

    That specs are your wishes? Or are they reliable? If yes, it could be my dream machine :)

  63. Anonymous28/4/09 20:35

    10FPS in 6 MP mode sounds good if it produce some kind of cropped raw, or it's only 6mp jpeg?

  64. I think we have to wait for those detailed specs and it is still too early to tell.

  65. Anonymous28/4/09 20:52

    ISO 12-6400
    6 fps (till 15 fps in 6 MP mode)
    100 % viewfinder, 1.5 x
    Liveview and 3D Video 1920*1080
    15Mio AF points in LV,
    77-point TTL double-cross sensor.
    100 zones light metering
    1/16.000 shutter with 1/500 sync

    Free lifelong service.

  66. Anonymous29/4/09 00:55

    Why bother creating a sealed kit lens?
    Just clean your shelves once in a while ;)

  67. Anonymous29/4/09 01:41

    AA batteries or LiOn

  68. Anonymous29/4/09 05:12

    maybe both?!

  69. Anonymous29/4/09 05:28

    Crippled KAF3 mount are lenses like DA*55 or DA17-70 - with SDM AF only. I hope thats a mistake and the K-7 still supports lenses without a built-in AF-motor? Everything else would be a catastrophe...

  70. Read the specs again, it supports screw drive lenses and you should know that from leaked photos of it with a da 35mm macro on the K-7.

    KAF3 mount lenses won't work on cameras with out the SDM function i.e pre K10D so it's not that bad :)

  71. Anonymous29/4/09 08:40

    what is the cropping factor of the sensor? the same as former ones 1.5(6) or is it true that its a 1.3 cropping factor.

    please say its 1.3!!

  72. > Crippled KAF3 mount are lenses like DA*55 or DA17-70 - with SDM AF only. I hope thats a mistake and the K-7 still supports lenses without a built-in AF-motor? Everything else would be a catastrophe...

    Its a Typo. I have corrected that.

  73. Anonymous29/4/09 15:20

    ISO 50-25600
    9 fps (till 16 fps in 12 MP mode)
    100 % viewfinder, 1.8 x
    Liveview and 4K video 4096x3112
    350 AF points in LV,
    177-point TTL double-cross sensor.
    512 zones light metering
    1/64000 e-shutter with 1/1000 sync

    $50 on Verizon post-paid plans.

  74. Anonymous29/4/09 19:15

    1,24 GP NEW 48cm*40cm 3 CCD SENSOR
    ISO 6-51200
    45 fps (till 100 fps in 40 MP mode)
    100 % viewfinder, 1.8 x
    Liveview and 4K video 4096x3112
    700 AF points in LV,
    256-point TTL double-cross sensor.
    1024 zones light metering
    1/128000 e-shutter with 1/4000 sync
    build in TB SSD
    build nuclear reactor

    just 420g!

    Build in WiFi, printer, TV and lighter
    Hudge information post "Canon and Nikon is shit" on body :o).

    For all Pentax customers (anyone who has older version such K20D or K10D) distributed for free with all lenses on market...


  75. Anonymous29/4/09 19:57

    The MIC and HDMI doors are of lesser quality than the current ones in the K10 and the K20. I don't mind that, as long as weather sealing is of equivalent quality.

  76. Anonymous29/4/09 21:28

    Looking at these pictures, it seems it is made of plastic and not metal as some have speculated.

  77. Anonymous30/4/09 08:29

    not added? missing your news-accuracy :P


  78. "Built-in AF Assist Light:
    Yes, Bright Type (Not Near IR)"

    Some speculation that it is not AF assist lamp but a white balance detector, thoughts?

  79. No, it is not a WB sensor.

    A WB sensor is with milky white plastic diffuser on top, but this one is of clear plastic window (and seems to have a focusing lens too). So, it should be the AF illuminator.

  80. Anonymous30/4/09 13:01

    How about focus points? 11? How may cross type?

  81. Anonymous30/4/09 14:49

    However great the specifications - and they really are - I am afraid that at the price point mentioned K-7 would be on a suicide mission against CaNikon (and there is new D400 still to come this year): it would not be able to generate new sales, not in any relevant figures, and would thus remain reserved to existing Pentax owners who want to upgrade, and a handful of the most enthusiastic ones at that. This, however, has already proved not to be enough in financial terms: too small a customer basis is what has gotten Pentax in the jam in the first place. Too bad...

  82. I don't think so. The K-7 will boost the image of the whole Pentax system and has generated a lot of interests in Pentax DSLR gear which will surely help the sales of other products. And, those hungry old Pentax DSLR Pentaxians since the *ist D will probably buy this new body, too. Indeed, they have been waiting for too long!

  83. Anonymous30/4/09 20:27

    Very interesting will be the flash card format. Will it be SDHC or CF. CF woulb de good because of the high speed 5 fps an RAW shooting.

  84. it's SD HC confirmed by my eyes :) remember it's much smaller

  85. Anonymous1/5/09 01:56

    Size of an SLR does not matter to me. It will never be a small P&S anyway. Why then bother if it is smaller by half a centimeter or so? What I hope for, is that noise performance will be significantly improved versus K10D or K20D. I will have to wait for tests. Another good thing would be LARGE viewfinder view. These two improvements would convince me in going for it. Anything else is irrelevant.

  86. Anonymous1/5/09 02:26

    SDHC or CF - there is no difference novadays.Both are almost equal in terms of performance,but SDHC is cheaper.Maybe at really high FPS (above 7) CF is faster.But I doubt,that Pentax will offer something as fast as D300 or 50D.

  87. Anonymous1/5/09 20:09

    last photo does not match the others. on the right, you cannot see the K-7 logo.

  88. Obviously, the model name has been covered or erased.

  89. Anonymous4/5/09 17:39

    The K-7 logo is almost invisible because of the reflection. But it is there.

  90. (WOW! HOYA/Pentax have taken my Advice!! That is, a Weather-sealed Kit Lens for a Weather-sealed Body. It seems that they do read my Blog and accepted my "repeated" "Bashes"!!)

    I guess that's why the lens developpement roadmap was brought to a sudden halt in early january.

    The people at Hoya said something like they needed to change the lens lineup to match the upcoming new DSLRs.

    So I guess we could soon see WR variants of the most popular higher-end lenses, like the DA 17-70mm F/4, teh DA 12-24mm F/4, etc.

    The K-7 is most likely my next DSLR, but I guess I'll end up replacing my DA 16-45mm F/4 sooner than I expected.


  91. Anonymous6/5/09 21:33

    Many people nowadays are interested in DSLRs for their video capabilities. So "in financial terms", if Pentax succeeds providing good full HD video with manual controls, the K-7 can be a great opportunity for Pentax to create a whole new section of costumers that never ever dealt with any Pentax products before.

  92. Anonymous7/5/09 03:16

    Well, it is not that I am unhappy with my K20D, I actually love the design, so I agree with one of the first commenters saying that the K10D was there best design yet.

    I am mostly concerned here by the lack of space to the left of the LCD, which while reviewing images gives a good place to steady the camera with the second hand without leaving marks in the display.

    What I was hoping the next Pentax would be is a K20D-looking (nearly identical) camera with a 100% coverage viewfinder, better high-ISO performance, better white-balance and a built-in tilt-meter. That is all that would make the K20D a perfect camera. Movie-mode and usable live-view could be nice bonuses but I would probably never use them.

  93. Anonymous7/5/09 05:20

    Samsung is quiet about this yet. Will there be a Samsung equivalent?

  94. I guess Samsung may not make anymore Pentax DSLR clone in the future, as this has been proven to be a marketing failure. They might use the K-7 as their "white mouse" for testing and improving their sensor which can then be re-used in their new NX camera.

    It is clear that Samsung will launch the NX system as the new DSLR system of their own. So, another "won't work" Pentax clone is very unlikely. Even they did that in the past, there was quite a time lag on the launches, e.g., at least for half a year later.

  95. glanglois8/5/09 06:26

    I expect SDHC cards because .... I have about of MegaJillion GB of Extreme III. I'm a sucker for every SanDisk promo.

    I might afford a K-7 by not eating much, but moving to fast CF would be too much to handle.

  96. I think if they are putting an AF assist lamp on, it might mean that they have finally sorted the biggest bugbear on recent Pentax cameras, and that is the AF. Lets hope so.
    I look forward to a new 21 point AF (if it indeed that) with improved FPS.

    To glanglois, I am happy that it is SD, not only do I have enough of the (32gb at last count) but the increasing speed of the cards (class 6 and soon to be class 8) finally we will have cards at least as fast if not faster than CF. I just ope that Pentax have provided a nice big buffer to cope with 15mp and say 5fps for unlimited shots.

  97. Well, don't set too high hopes on the speed of the new camera. I think it is still somehow unrealistic to hope the K-7 can do 5fps at full resolution for unlimited shots, say. :-)

    And, UDMA CF Cards are faster. If the K-7 is going to have *Full* HD Video capability at a higher frame rate (say, 30 fps), a faster card is crucial. (But according to the latest hints from different sources, the K-7 is not going to have 1920 x 1080 Full HD Video, but just only Standard HD - Let's wait for just two weeks from now and we shall know!)

  98. One of the most intriguing and funniest (thanks to 'Anonymous') and blog conversations I have read in a long, long time. Well done everyone and thank you RiceHigh for posting the information.

  99. Great!Pentax got new product finally.

  100. Anonymous11/5/09 03:14

    I would like the next step Of Pentax to be a FULL FRAME camera!!
    I have at least 5 full frame lenses.......
    I love MY K10D and Pentax!!

  101. Anonymous13/5/09 21:28

    What about SAFOX?