Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two More Leaked (Official?) Images

Image Source:-

This image looks like something for the official Catalogue. And no more "Mr. Blurry Cameraphone" images!

Image Source:-

The second image looks like a poster or a promotion leaflet.

As for the Japanese slogan on it, I would translate it to: "- The Successor for the Pride of Renowned Gear -".

Well, I think whilst there will be more and more "leaked" product images to come, its time for us to know something *real* and *concrete* about this new cam, isn't it?


IlmarsM. said...

I have never been so excited about any gadget or device as I am about this new Pentax camera. Moustly because I love my old K100D and I was absolutely sure that this summer will be time for new camera purchase. I don't care for price. All I care is great body with features I want. Ofcourse it's nice to be proud Pentaxian when I meet my friends with Canon and Nikon gear.

RiceHigh said...

Me too! But do please try to be calm before the true specifications really arrives and not to be too over-excited! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Otherwise there could be again a lot of disappointment about the new thing!

I think, getting a new camera, and a new concept for DSLR - it is more than only a new camera - it is the assurance of having the ability to buy future and not only stock.

I think we can be very excited about the new K,
but those specs, like on pentaxforums, are pushing the boundaries of hope - and who can be certain, that all of those specs are true...

a pentaxian

Anonymous said...

a little chance,that Pentax will became more usable for autosport photography....

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this is true. I have been waiting for this to upgrade my K10D. Didn't think K20D is a good upgrade for K10D since most specs are similar between the two.

Happy Shooting!

Anonymous said...

Took some photos of Autumn colours last weekend in the local Botanical Gardens. Used my K200D and 18-55 version 2 lens. Manual preset WB using Kodak Grey Card.

Wonderful results in terms of colour rendition: Bright setting, saturation and contrast turned down one step. Pentax colours are still better than my other dslrs.

Yes, I live in the Southern Hemisphere if you're wondering about seasons. Hope Pentax continues its great colour rendition!

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