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Friday, April 24, 2009

In the Meantime, Let's have Some Fun!

Whilst the new "K7(D)" news have started to die down and there are no leak anymore, all we have to do is to wait for the Big Day of May 21st.

But then in order to salvage the famine of the wide Pentaxian population many of whom are rather hungry and thirsty right now ;-D, someone at the biggest Chinese forum, the Xitek Forum, has done us a favour. Here is the first complete and clear K7D image posted on the web so far! Here it is:-

(Post #110 - Text in Simplified Chinese)

Well, I think I have to give a credit to this guy, Mr. "Plastic Tank" for his Nickname, he told that he had spent two hours to PS this piece of Artwork, very honestly!

But then even this was done as an Hoax instead, the flaws could be easily identified! :-> First of all, as I mentioned before, the Pentax logo had already been changed, i.e., he used wrongly an old Pentax logo! The new one is just taller and looks smarter. Secondly, as the last hoax, the camera lacks a lens release lock/button at the usual position for a K-mount camera! Third, the AF assist lamp is a Nikon one! Fourth, many of the different components, symbols and small parts are from different Pentax DSLRs like the MZ-S, K10/20D or even the latest prototype 645D etc.! Well, as for the real body, I guess it is just the LX.

Anyway, do YOU feel better now, after taking this "medicine"? ;-D LOL..

Lastly: My hat off, Mr. Plastic Tank! I really appreciate your efforts spent and the heart taken to do this great PS job and the intention to help all of us from this severe famine and finally your honesty to make it clear at the first place instead of trying to create an hoax is and should be greatly and much appreciated!!


  1. Anonymous24/4/09 11:12

    it's real photo

  2. Oh Yeah, It's my thread.
    But Text is in Simplified Chinese, Not Traditional.

  3. lol. upstairs, are you helleon?

  4. > Harley said...
    > But Text is in Simplified Chinese, Not Traditional.

    Typo. Corrected.

  5. Helleon is my nickname.
    I'm a new P-Fun Since last month, lol.