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Monday, June 15, 2009

First Production K-7 Field Test and Report (as Claimed)

Here is a report recently posted at the PC Home China website for a field test trial report with a *Production K-7*, as claimed:-

(Text in Simplified Chinese)

Whilst you can view the posted samples in smaller size (larger ones have been linked but not uploaded yet), you can also check the basic EXIF data as preserved by the Adobe Photoshop which produced the pictures. All the other original EXIF cannot be found as checked by the PhotoME.

As for other remarks from the author of that article, I translate and summarise the key points and his words as follows:-

1. The K-7 has no more dark blindness for its AF. Its AF is not lightning fast but it has now catched up in the competition of the industry.

2. Custom Image Mode used is "Bright". Default Noise Reduction for ISO is "Moderate".

3. Although the number of 77 segments for metering is still less than some other manufacturers, the exposure accuracy of the K-7 is yet at least better than the K20D too obviously. In practical uses, its performance is found to be good enough.

4. Noise control for different ISO is average, similar to those (APS-C) DSLRs of Nikon. ISO 800 useable. With ISO 1600 and higher, moderate to high level of NR is recommended.

5. There is not much practical meaning for the ISO 3200 and the expanded ISO 6400 with the K-7 (as it is just too noisy).

6. With limited lenses or other fast primes mounted, the image quality is very nice. The Shake Reduction under dim conditions is found to be effective.

7. He said once again that the AF under low light condition is better than the K20D so that he could now take the shot which meant to be missed with the K20D in the past, with picture shown.

8. The colour rendition is pleasing and accuracy is good.

9. Noise under dark regions are visible at ISO 800, but acceptable.

10. The CTE whilte balance is demonstrated in a shot for the night street scene. Auto WB is compared. The CTE obviously produces better results and the AWB is a mess-up for that complicated lighting environment with different artifical light sources.


  1. thanks, I was looking for some news about production model all around and couldn't..

    well I see that my identification is visible, so no any registration is required. So, I guess i'll be commenting :)

    sadly, the article states that the ISO 3200 isn't usable.. that's a serious drawback, because i guess Canikons ISO 3200 are usable...

  2. Anonymous15/6/09 04:08

    This work has been a former official said to be "almost" is the official sales of the next version of the Pentax K-7 to test the prototype, it can finally be used in a variety of menu functions can also be released from the sample image.
    (google translation)

    Please translate... still seems to be a pre-production model

  3. exifs show firmware 0.38

  4. Which photo contains that EXIF field?

  5. Anonymous15/6/09 11:06

    Jumped the gun again I see.

  6. Anonymous16/6/09 10:52

    It's NOT a Final Production model~


  7. Jopy, glad to see you here and welcome!

    I note that you have remarked that you newly unboxed K-7 is not of the retail version. As it has been mid-June now, when will actually those production K-7s come? Will it possibly be delayed?

  8. Anonymous16/6/09 15:52

    I don't know about that, Just keep waiting~~should be on time.