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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Bits and Pieces News Digest (June 16)

1. First of all, here comes a new discussion at My New Pentax FREE Discussion Group about the recent price increases of Pentax lenses worldwide:-


There is one nice summary on the price increase percentages in Germany:-


What you you think? Will this affect the sales of Pentax bodies (in particular the new K-7) and Pentax's marketing (results) and the brand and the company? Don't feel hestitate to voice out and make your opinions there!

And, a poster has discovered that all the Pentax lens prices that were originally listed at the B&H webstore have been removed!(?)


So, what does this mean??

(Tips: To view all latest messages at my new Pentax board, just bookmark:-

2. Next, here is an annoyed potential Pentaxian who is pissed off for the fact that he has not been able to find any dealer in the States who actually carries the Pentax X70 that he wants to buy!(?)


And of course, the response he has received from Pentax is just ridiculous. I do feel for him.

3. Next, there is one more preview of the K-7, at Adorama:-


Some downsized sample photos without EXIF are posted, all with fisheye lens:-


4. Next, the K-7 appears in a large and popular local newspaper in Hong Kong:-


(Apple Daily Online: Text in Traditional Chinese)

Well, the headline of the article is a bit exaggerated IMO, "Pentax Model No. 7, All-Weather Killer!"

The Head of the Business Division of Hoya has also come to HK (Mr. 井植敏彰) to promote the K-7 and demonstration was made to the Press. See photos there.

Besides, some small size sample photos are also posted.

5. Last, latest announcement at Pentax Japan official website today tells that the K-7 will still be on sales in Japan home-market on June 27. So, the schedule is able to be met!


(in Japanese, find the "News" headlines and the top one)

Newly Added: 6. A 5 fps combined "Motion" Jpeg at ISO 1600 by the "latest" K7:-


Well, I can see much noise, although other things seem to be good enough.

Update (6-17): Here is an ISO 1600 *Jpeg* shot in the product show, for the same show girl:-

http://images5.fotop.net/albums3/ridleyliu/man173/IMGP9915.jpg (EXIF preserved)

Would the noise be better this time?

Enjoy Reading!


  1. I think all the non-HK IP requires a username and password to see the appledaily web site.

    And a Chinese-IP just simply cannot access it.

    - Actually two Hong Kong newspapers are talking about K-7
    - Suggested retail price HK$9990. (~ US$1280).
    - In the news, it seems like that there will be no AF in movie mode.

  2. > In the news, it seems like that there will be no AF in movie mode.

    Too bad if it really is.. :-(

  3. I'm pretty worried about today's prices for Pentax lenses. In fact, here where I live (eastern EU) all the gear for my camera is about 30% more expensive than it is in the USA and we don't even have a "real" Pentax retailer (faulty gear needs to be sent to Germany for repair). I was planning to buy some good Pentax lenses from their * series, but if the prices keep getting higher I will have to consider switching to C or N (where I might find more good deals for their gear).

  4. Anonymous17/6/09 08:34

    "A 5 fps combined "Motion" Jpeg at ISO 1600 by the "latest" K7:-
    Well, I can see much noise, although other things seem to be good enough."

    It's not noise, it's posterization! The animation has been converted to GIF format, so it's in 256 colours, which makes it totally useless.

  5. Indeed, it is posterization as stated by Anonymous.

    It is crazy to post such pictures to show what the camera is capable of... All pics look hideous.