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Friday, June 12, 2009

K-7 is Already On Sales in Hong Kong! (?)

It seems that someone in Hong Kong has bought the K-7 from the street! Look!

See his unboxing post that is just published:-

(Text in Traditional Chinese)

I shall report back and update more by tomorrow to confirm this. It should be REAL!!

Update 6-13: It is found that this unboxing is actually NOT original! It's by Mr. Blurry Cameraphone once again:-


Well, this time it must be real as Mr. Blurry Cameraphone is just a staff of Pentax Shanghai of China!


  1. Anonymous13/6/09 01:18

    Does this mean final production cameras are being stocked as we read this? Then firmware 1.0 must be out and about no?

  2. No. The original unboxing is at Mr. JP Yang, aka Mr. Blurrycam's blog:


    He specifically said this is still not the final retail version. I think it has firmware 0.38 loaded.

    Since Mr. Yang works for Pentax Shanghai, it wouldn't be too hard for him to be able to do an unboxing before most people.

  3. Thanks, Peter, I have known that already but have not had the time to update my blog until now.

  4. Anonymous13/6/09 20:47


    I have had my disagreements with you, but what Pentaxforums did was wrong IMHO. They have a moderator that is on me for almost no apparent reason saying I'm in the wrong listing when I feel I'm not. Don't let them win, you offer lots of info, and although sometimes you drive me nuts, it is your right to state your opinion and be a fan.

    You are a major supporter of Pentax and all you want is for Pentax to be best they can be.


  5. Anonymous13/6/09 21:46

    Rice dude we've had our own flame wars on the forums but it is a sad day that you have to leave, Keep up the good fight, as I have said before Pentax can only be as good as their worst critic and harsh criticism is needed at times for them to wake up and get their act together.

  6. Wll and Anonymous above, thank you both.

  7. Anonymous14/6/09 03:43

    The moderator was not the only one, nor were there just one or 2 of us in disagreement with your style...
    You try to slant everything to the direction you believe it should go. There are intelligent people on forums that can see that.....
    So you got your hand slapped unjustly (an opinion and also who hasn't)
    but you go pout like a child.... GET OVER IT

  8. I was at Mongkok yesterday and the big camera store there was already taking preorders for HKD9990 including a free SD card pouch. If I didn't get my K20D only last December I would've jumped at the chance.