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Friday, June 19, 2009

Samsung NX is Around the Corner?

Some new Samsung NX photos are leaked at a Chinese site for three days now, see:-


One More:

Now, it looks as if that prototype can be powered on. If true, would it mean that the NX is already around the corner and will be announced or even marketed very soon?

As for we Pentaxians, our main concern is only that if the NX will accept K-mount lenses - even if an adaptor is required!


  1. Anonymous19/6/09 20:18

    March DPREVIEW interview:

    "First question is about the lens mount. Is it a new lens mount? Is it the
    Pentax K mount?

    It's our own mount.

    So it's a new mount, smaller. Will it be compatible with the K mount used on
    your current DLSRs?

    As far as I understand it will be, using an adaptor. That's part of the plan."

  2. These pictures are not new at all. I have already seen them a month ago.

  3. Anonymous20/6/09 12:47

    -Ultra-Precise LED Electronic ViewFinder
    1620x1080p/250Hz 3:2 resolution
    -1X magnification and 100% coverage
    -3" AMOLED 960x720
    3:2 display
    -Cmos sensor 14.6 megapixel 3:2
    -100-6400 ISO
    -4 frame per second
    -Video HD 720p/30fps
    -Audio stereo
    -and more and more..."

  4. Anonymous20/6/09 14:12

    K-mount adapter will be.

  5. Well... well... well...

    The pictures are not from leaked source at all. They are quite old and from PMA 2009.

    I suggest you to read below interview with DPReview.


    Also there is a rumor that NX with GX-30 and WB700 will be announced on July 7.

  6. I hope the GX-30 gets the AMOLED screen too. I'll definitely buy the Samsung over the Pentax then.

  7. Anonymous23/6/09 15:33

    Judging by the lens release button being on the other side i think samsung is using different mount than K :(

  8. Anonymous24/6/09 16:52

    The last 2 are from PMA (similar on Dpreview) but the first 2 are new.
    Looks like they changed the four way controller - they moved the marks outside it. Is it a controller+dial like E-P1?
    Some minor changes also visible.