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Saturday, October 31, 2009

New RICOH Mirrorless Digital System Will NOT Be K-Mount!

Everyone learns from different recent rumours (but maybe from the same "source") that Ricoh is going to launch a new "Evil" system on November 12 on which the new system and products will be announced.

However, much speculations are on whether the new Ricoh system will have a K Mount recently. My bet is that all these are just wishful thinkings of quite some old Pentaxians, as the old auto-aperture Rikeon P lenses were already not Pentax system compatible, although mechanically they did build on a K-mount.

Now, here is yet another newest rumour which talks about the Ricoh will use an unique brand new "slide-in" interchangeable lens mount system, which is not a bayonet type! See the below new post, in which the reporting tone is quite firm:-

(Post in Traditional Chinese)

So, let's wait and see what will happen! There are only less than twelve days to come!