Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Colour K-x Can Now be Ordered Online Internationally?

Just see the translated page of Rakuten (a large Japanese gadgets online shop):-


Try it out yourself, maybe you can order your preferred colour out of the 100 colours of the K-x! Good luck!

Some more remarks:-

1. I don't know if they would accept international orders, especially for the colour K-x, but it *seems* to be.

2. The sold price is ¥59,829 (no tax required outside Japan), which is roughly equal to US$650 and is in line with the price sold at B&H and Adorama. But then you can get a customised colour combination.

3. If you fail to order the special coloured K-x but you still wish to have one, you can think of painting your Pentax bod(ies) yourself and here is the solution!

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