Thursday, October 08, 2009

New Review, More K-x Full Samples

Thanks to RiceHigh's Pentax Blog reader "mike", I've discovered a new K-x review at a Chinese blog:-
(Google translation in English here)

The blog article tells the testing story and background. It links to the following K-x sample gallery:-

To view the full-size pictures, click on the thumbnail of the interested picture first. And then click the link named "查看原图" below the preview pic. After that, the original full picture will be downloaded and displayed.

Inspect and pixel-peel yourself and draw your own conclusion(s)! I won't make comments this time. :-)

Nevertheless, here are some key remarks by the reviewer/author on the shooting settings etc. (as mentioned in the above blog article):-

1. Lenses used are DAL 18-55, DA 18-55 II, FA 77 Limited and DA* 300. If you have the latest updated version of the Pentax Photo Browser, you will be able to see which lens model is in use;

2. Some of the pics were taken in AdobeRGB colour space, direct viewing with browsers may show some colour incorrectness - view the EXIF to distinguish those;

3. Some pics taken with DA lenses had the in-camera CA correction function enabled. 1 to 2 seconds of delay/calculation time was involved for the process.

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