Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hoya CEO Still Thinking to Sell Off Pentax?

Here is the latest interview article with Hoya's CEO by the Japanese Nikkei financial news:-
(in Japanese, login is required to view the full article, registration is free)

Via the PentaxForums and, the excerpt is as follows:-

HOYA's CEO, Suzuki revealed his idea for Pentax digital camera department:
"Don't think keeping (the Pentax digital camera sector) in the HOYA Group forever,
Let it merge with other companies, or independent is also OK "

It is further mentioned that the K-x will be the turning point between success or failure of Pentax (the brand) and the sales result will change the faith of Pentax! (What? The K-x is the last chance given? And, K-7 is not the main project with key concern?)

Hence, the stance taken by the CEO and Hoya about the whole Pentax camera business is clear, that is, it is a business that can have or not to have, which simply means it is just a "don't care". So, where are commitment and determination then?? (None actually, I'm afraid, very unfortunately..)

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