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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Old Question: Will there be a Pentax Full Frame DSLR?

Well, I summarise the events and news in ascending chronological order below:-

October 2007The Pentax lens system went DA.
April 2008
AP told that Samsung was making a Full Frame sensor.
June 2008
Full Frame DSLR model was under planning.
September 2008
Hoya senior officials targeted to use APS-C to rival Full Frame. (What?! My Pardon?)
October 2008
RiceHigh made a K-mount Full Frame body himself, after prolonged wait from Pentax but got nothing and being so desperate! :-o :-(

Big Discovery: DA lens is not working on Full Frame DSLR body! ;-)
October 2008
Samsung denied the development of a Full Frame sensor!?
March 2009
645D Revived but nothing was talked about a Pentax Full Frame.
March 2009
Hoya told that the Full Frame K-mount system was not yet aborted and that the DA lens specifications had to be revised. (but so far up till now we have seen *nothing*!)
March 2009
RiceHigh had used his Full Frame K-mount DSLR body with his Pentax Full Frame lenses for long, already.
March 2009
Pentax was still sourcing sensors for their upcoming DSLRs
April 2009
RiceHigh continued to enjoy his cheapest FAJ Full Frame Pentax lens on his K-mount Full Frame DSLR body.
May 2009
New lens roadmap was "leaked" and new Full Frame lenses were unveiled.
August 2009
Hoya achieved their set target and promise back to September 2008 - K-m rivaled the K5D in resolution and image details!
August 2009
Sony marketed the ever cheapest Full Frame DSLR body, Pentax/Hoya was still unable to react and had no reaction!
September 2009
Leica also had their Full Frame Body finally, leaving Pentax alone for a legacy 135 system without a Full Frame DSLR body!
October 2009
Latest Rumour from Russia told that a Full Frame Pentax DSLR body would come in late 2010, the broken dream of old film Pentaxians was revived again! (but endlessly with little hope!)
Pentax has not yet published any update to their previous lens roadmap since it was last updated back to March 2009, with the deletion of some previously announced DA lenses.

Next? The Future? Will Pentax work out a Full Frame DSLR system? Will there be one?? Well, the answer is just either Yes or No - I can guarantee! And I think only this game (or something alike) will tell the Truth! ;-D

Well, I've given up! Just don't think more! Or, you will need to "See a Doctor" or simply, a "Psychiatrist"!! ;-D LOL..