Friday, August 17, 2012

EISA Photo Awards 2012-13

Everyone has an award but only Pentax nor Ricoh! Well, even Sigma and Tamron are there! :-(

Btw, the K-30 is not selling well even at the Japanese home market (where Pentax used to do it best over there), just see the latest BCN chart, the K-30 + DA18-135 kit struggles to stay in the chart, at position #58 at best.

If we look at the results of the whole July, we can see only the Q and K-5 appear at the end of the chart for Pentax items. In fact, the K-01 has never appeared anywhere in neither charts. So actually everything is indeed pessimistic for the sales of Pentax gear. To change the situation, I really believe that Ricoh should do things more pro-actively, and more importantly, better insight is required! (Which up till now I can't see it! >:-()

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