Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Sony 1/1.7" BSI CMOS Sesnor (12MP, 4K Video)

The IMX144CQJ:-
(in Japanese)

Note the various significant performance and IQ improvements over the IMX078 sensor that was adopted in the Pentax Q as it is compared.

IIRC, the IMX144 is actually the first Sony *CMOS* sensor in 1/1.7" size. For all previous 1/1.7" imagers they created, they were all in CCD type.

Actually, it is possible to put this sensor into a new Pentax Q camera? In fact, the Q-mount is large enough, as the last time I measured and illustrated. However, even assuming the image circle of the existing Q lenses are large enough for the projection, the effective focal will be changed, inevitably. For example, the "01" 8.5mm prime will turn into an 135 equivalent 35mm standard wide angle lens and the "02" standard zoom lens is standard no more as it will become a 21 to 63mm zoom in 135 sense.

Nevertheless, if Pentax is yet to decide to keep the sensor size (but then I shall have little interest to buy into the Q then), they still have a newer choice, i.e., the IMX118, which I talked about it also previously.

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