Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Dreaming: Pentax Strikes at Photokina!

Having thought too much about those upcoming new Pentax stuff these days, so have just made a dream early this morning, call it ridiculous or plain stupid if you like! :-o Yet to share anyway..

1. K-300 - 16MP basic (cheap) model, old sensor, no WR, no remote switch socket, no microphone input for video. Treat it as a K-01 with the addition of the old Penta-mirror finder found in the K-x/K-r but with deletion of the stereo mic input;

2. K-5N - with the new 16MP Sony sensor (likely the one used in the NEX-5R) and new SAFOX X, 21 AF points, finally! (9, crossed, 12 linear), slightly higher frame rate at 7.5 to 8 fps, flipped monitor screen:-

- - -
+ + |
+ + + |
+ + + |

- - -

3. K-3/K-S - with the somehow old Sony 24MP APS-C(!?) sensor, and new SAFOX X, S model being variant without anti-aliasing filter to be marketed at a later stage, lower frame rate (~4.5 to 5 fps), flipped monitor. Last time the MZ-S model reminds me of the S letter hints the end of the line, and hopefully! Btw, the K-S is said to be priced at 1400 Euros - same original (high) price as the K-7 when it was first sold.

4. 645DN - replaced with a new 49 x 37mm 50MP CCD sensor, support 16-bit RAW, effective 48MP in 48 x 36mm. So, the crop factor of the 645D will change! That is, from 1.36 to 1.25X, e.g., the DFA 645 55mm "standard" lens used to a 43mm on the 645D in 135 sense and it will effectively become a "40mm" lens on the new 645. The 645DN will be aggressively priced at 1,000,000 Japanese Yens (~US$ 13,000).

5. New O-GPS2 unit and an AF200FGZ compact external flash replacement.

6. First announcement comes on September 3rd.

There is no K-01 nor Q replacement. And there is no Full Frame! >:-|

The alarm clock sounded then and I saw no more things! :-(

N.B. Don't blame me for anything inaccurate! The Relative Humidity RH=50% (which is good for the storage of glass, lol..)! After all, it was just a dream made by someone who "needed to see a doctor" and who "has no credibility of any at all"!! ;-p

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