Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Pre-Photokina Pentax Leak - Pentax X-5

(Web Host: http://cdn.uploda.cc/)

It is verified to be a real product (but not a hoax) in the following page, although it has not yet shown the price yet:-

See: http://www.photoprice.ca/product/03986/Pentax-X-5-price.html

Does it look like a K-5 from the front btw?

The description on the front page of the above website tells that it is a "New Pentax X-5: 16 Megapixel, 26x Ultra-Zoom Point and Shoot". As the product photo this time shows a black camera, we now know that it will be available in two colours, for both Silver and Black.

Nonetheless, isn't that prosumers are dying these days? Still making a new one in that declining category? Is there really a market of it? :-o

On the other hand, the really good meaning of the X-5 is that Ricoh is yet marketing DCs in Pentax brand, against what was previously considered by their head. Good news anyway!

Btw, as there are still twenty days something to go, don't forget to participate in my previous poll about Pentax predictions for the Photokina. Have fun! :-D

Update: More Photos of the Black Version of the X-5 from yet another Japanese web host:-

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