Monday, August 13, 2012

Blog Notice: Country Specific Blog Page URLs are Disabled

After working for a few days, I have successfully completed and fully tested the required scripts to disable the country specific Blog page links and now wherever and whenever you view my pages, they are reverted to instead of for where you live and get online.

I hope from now on every incompatibility problem that was caused by this different domain per page evil could be solved, namely, with IntenseDebate (e.g., direct links to comments have not been working for quite a while, just in case if the first response was not made via the .com page), Statcounter, Feed/Rating Burner, Alexa and etc.

Still, after several days of test, I yet found that there is a bug with the Google server and/or browsers, which I can't resolve. It happens when the /ncr (No Country Redirect) switch could suddenly stop working anymore and the Google server simply ignores the switch even when it is entered, thus causing an endless re-direction loop and the page will never be loaded. So, just be reminded that if you encounter this case unfortunately, just click the stop button of your browser, close it and re-open your browser and then re-load the page, the same problem should not happen again, for most of the time.

Btw, happy reading and commenting at my Blog. Thanks for visiting! :-D

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