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Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Private" Message from Adam Oest of the Pentax Forums (Pentax Full Frame News!)


"Don't lose hope in Pentax - the Full-Frame awaits us!

I've been told that the products announced a couple of days ago, as well as all the products announced so far this year by Pentax, have all been part of the Hoya product roadmap for Pentax, rather than Ricoh's doing. Ricoh's big plans for Pentax are supposedly secret and internal, and as such, rumors surrounding them will be minimal. "Big plans" means that there will be an FF and pro gear- the release date of the FF is not certain right now, but it is very likely that it will at least be mentioned at CP+ 2013. You guys are going to have to trust me that I didn't just make this up

In other words, the K-5 II can be more or less seen as a stop-gap measure I'm going to hang on to my K-5 I and wait patiently until next summer. To give Ricoh some credit, you can't exactly design, develop, and deploy a groundbreaking new body over the course of just 1 year..."

It is intended for the senior members of the PF only, but I don't mind to spread this good news of his in these really dark days of Pentax right now! ;-D

Whilst I do trust what Adam tells this time, especially considering his close relationship with the Pentax Imaging, I think many of the old advanced users of Pentax would have already gone after one year, even though when there will be a FF Pentax DSLR that really comes. By then, the next generation of products from all the other major players in the market are also coming! So, this is not that optimistic after all even if it is true! >:-|