Monday, September 03, 2012

Once Verified: Pentax K-3 is 24MP APS-C, Not FF

(in Chinese, Google English Translation Here)

This is a prestigious Chinese camera gear site which has a good past track record in accurately disclosing many early information. They have even maintained updated full lists on Chinese merchants who accept pre-ordering of the latest but not-yet-announced bodies like Nikon D600, Sony A99 and NEX-6. Btw, no merchant is yet listed for the Pentax K-3 but the body has already been added to their database. Anyway and once again, just believe it or not! It's all up to you! ;-)


munchis said...

k5 "mid range" dslr and the k3 "high-end" so are we expecting a huge upgrade???

pd I thought the d600 was a "mid range" product

Anonymous said...

D600 is Nikon low end FF.
D4 high end
D800 mid range
D600 low end, but also can be mainstream DSLR

I want a high end FF35 from Pentax.

Screw APS-C !

Anonymous said...

I'm not really bothered whether Pentax release a FF camera. A 24 MP APS-C is fine by me, provided it is well-specced and as well-built as the K-5. I have had a FF camera for some years now, but I mainly use it for portraiture and macro work at home. Lugging it and its full-frame lenses about became too much of a chore. I like the small size that APS-C allows, and I have been very happy with my K-5, both with its performance and it's portability.

Frank said...

Soberly said: it makes sense...

CHRIS said...

I don't believe a single word. I am happy with what there is (K-5), and I will be happy with what Pentax delivers next. I am sure that the Pentax-Ricoh connection is the best that could happen to us Pentaxians.

Anonymous said...

Well if the K-3 is like A77 then we should expect higher resolution but also higher noise than we used to have with K-5. Not good!

Anonymous said...

The A77 uses a transparent mirror which eats a bit of light. Compare the noise of the NEX-7 (same sensor 24MP sensor as the K-3) with the K-5 and you'll find that they have practically the same noise (when comparing the same image size).
Hence, the K-3 will not be noisier than the K-5.

RiceHigh said...

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you got it right this time

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