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Monday, September 10, 2012

Why People Still Believe in FAKE Pictures?

I don't post the originated links and endless repeated posts for all those fake pictures. But I am sure you know that what I am referring to.

First of all, this is the original real source for all those photo-shopped "new K-5II" cameras. I have told that they are fake, but it seems that most people still don't believe it but believe that those fake pictures are real instead! So, I feel much obliged to illustrate more! >:-| (I thought that it was not necessary indeed for what I have already pointed out!)

(Above: Product photo downloaded from Dpreview's K-5 page, directly linked.)

Next, these are the "K-5II" and "K-5IIs" "product photos" that are being circulated these days:-

Compare the rubber pattern, which is UNIQUE from camera to camera, just like human's fingerprint and then compare the light pattern projected and reflected on the cameras at different positions for all those three "different" cameras. See the example illustration below, How Come they are ALL *identical*? :-o

Do note also that the "K-5II" pics are blurrier (and with some added contrast too) even now for those so-called new "high resolution" images - no doubt it is just yet another strong sign of being edited!

Furthermore, this Slide Show is for those who are lazy! :->

Click Here to PLAY!

The two original real pictures and the two edited fake pictures are played in their *original sizes* in 1:1. You will see how well they are matched in *everything* except the K-5II and IIs printing!

Still believing those PPed images are real? Oh NO! Are that we Pentaxians really so hopeless in waiting for new Pentax bodies?! >:-(

Besides, at the end of the day, what's the meaning of removing the AA filter of a low resolution 16MP camera? Why so many people would yet believe in such a complete *non-sense*?! :-o

Believe me, Pentax will announce better and more logical things, but not these "K-5II" and "K-5IIs" stupidtiy! It is just a HOAX, undoubtedly! Yes, there is a K-5 replacement, but all those "leaked" pictures so far are FAKE! Anyway, everything will be made clear in just a few days!

UPDATE (9-11): Those K-5II/s front images are PSed but they are real and have now been official. I really feel sorry for Pentax for doing this by themselves!

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