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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Dark Day for Pentax and Users

Two years have been passed since the last Photokina and the launch of the original K-5. But it seems that Pentax has never been able to get through some numbers, as if there are some kinds of devil's curses applied! >:-(

1. The "flagship" DSLR model is not able to get through the model number of "5", there is no K-3 nor K-1 (an imagination of these can be found here), not even to mention!

2. After 10 years of development of the SAFOX since the original SAFOX VIII, the number of AF points still stay at 11! Really sad! And WHY? Is it really so difficult to add a few more AF points? Do note that the ten-year old SAFOX VIII can focus down to -1EV low light already. So, the -3EV actually doesn't mean any big improvement! Pentax should improve their AF system in other major areas that they are lagging farther and farther behind!

3. They have not yet passed through 16 Mega for the pixel count. And the same old Sony sensor (with different revisions) is re-used and re-used again across the board, since the K-5, and then to K-01, to K-30 and now the K-5II/s.

4. Their sensor size could never pass through 24 x 16mm, i.e., APS-C, for all the K-mount cameras, which is the saddest thing in the Pentaxland, as the K-mount *was* meant to be 36 x 24mm!

5. The Image Processor used in their flagship will never pass through the second generation, i.e., PRIME II!

6. 180! 1/180s is the fastest X-sync speed Pentax could ever achieve for their DSLRs! In fact, the so-called Pentax flagship models are even slower than the bottom of the line Canon Rebels including their cheapest EOS 1100D which has a faster speed of 1/200s for the X-sync! Do also note that this speed does not only mean the fastest synchronisation speed for flash, but it also indicates the speed for the shutter to complete its whole movement. It is always desirable to have a higher speed of this as possible, so as to minimise the rolling shutter effect for fast moving objects, even if a higher Tv is chosen. For more technical information, read these old PZ articles here and here.

Other silly things about the K-5II/IIs and for other new products that have been announced as well:-

1. There is no detailed information about the AF sensor layout of the SAFOX X. Just in case if the central sensor is changed from a f/5.6 to f/2.8 sensor only but not double crossed, it will be tricky. That says when the lens is opened at near f/2.8, the AF will be more accurate, but now the AF accuracy at smaller apertures and stopped down is affected and is not that accurate, thus the final resolution is decreased even though the DoF has hidden the evil. In fact, the focusing error is still there, but just not as obvious owing to the greater DoF. For more technical information and references, read my previous technical article with some explanations here.

Bottom line: Unless there is a double crosses for the central AF point, one cross for f/2.8 and the other for f/5.6. This kind of implementation will yet be lame! If it is true, it will be worse than the AF system used in the entry level EOS 650D by Canon.

2. About the "air-gapless" LCD screen/monitor: Pentax is really wise enough to remove the outer transparent window at the rear of the body and then show the LCD bare and then called it "air gapless"! They are really brilliant! Now, the K-5II screen is just like a computer desktop mon! That must be great! Well, who steals the protective windows at the new bodies? Do you really want to be one of the mice whom have their cheese stolen by someone?! :-o

3. What is the meaning of removing the AA filter of such a low resolution camera at 16MP only? It has no point of any at all. Many moire patterns will appear in images for high spatial frequency objects and the overall resolution is drastically decreased. When Pentax is not observing the basic Nyquist rule for digital sampling, Nyquist is pissed off, even he is in the Heaven! >:-|

Come on, unless you think that your existing DA lenses are resolving lower than that dated 16M low resolution sensor (by the current standard), problems will arise!

4. The re-badged Tamron 18-270 "Pentax" version obviously looks rather like a Tamron than a Pentax DA. Pentax is not even bother to change its aesthetic look. In practical terms, it is not weather sealed neither and is to be sold at a considerably higher price than the original DA18-135WR, which is plain stupid and ridiculous! Since almost everything is the same, why not just buy the original Tamron and save some money at all?

5. To completely replace the name of SMC by HD is committing suicide for Pentax! SMC is one of the TOP reasons for *WHY PENTAX* in the hearts of many Pentaxians for decades! Those Ricoh guys seem to have no strong mind about Pentax' history and what they should keep and maintain after all! IMO, naming it as HD SMC would be a much better marketing approach, just like what Pentax did for their "Ghostless SMC" nomenclature!

6. The new Qs are now more colourful, but they are made of plastic now. Metal alloy is aborted and I am sure the Q10 will feel cheaper in hands. Yet still putting a 1/2.3" sensor into it means that Pentax is making the same mistake of the original Q, which has not been selling well since it was launched owing to this major shortcoming and non-sense, which put many people off even they were attracted by the look and user-friendliness of the Q.

Frankly, today is really a dark day for Pentax and her users. Some fanboys must then start to jump on my head then, but what they do will not change all the facts as mentioned above! And I am sure that many existing Pentax users will support my views, on the other hand! :-)

I thought that Ricoh would do Pentax a favour and make better things and should have at least some breakthroughs to show us in this Photokina! But all my hopes (I believe for many other Pentaxians as well) have been in vain! The good thing is that I can continue to use my K-5 and original Pentax lenses, which I quite like for my own collection. Now I am decided, as it is quite easy to do so, I shall spend my future money into the Canon system for more glass and will not need to think again for what to buy any new Pentax gear! Pentax/Ricoh is really helping me to save my money, which could be used to buy other better things! My BIG Thanks, PR! >:-[


  1. Anonymous11/9/12 15:19

    I cant see any real evolution in the dslr system if there isnt sth. Like a k3. K5ii is just a minor update and most updates seem to be software solutions. Only the screen is a hw update. Can this be all they were able to do in this 2 years?
    Pentax q system is a dead end street in my opinion. I hope they did not put all resources into that. K5ii looks like an alibi. Maybe they dont have access to other sensor chips or whatever. Or and this is more desperation than hope, there will be a k 3 later to be announced. But no rumors so far.

  2. Just disappointing!. Pentax already had a 18-250mm lens, if I'm not mistaken, was a few months since launch Discontinued why would pitch again but with a similar lens Tamron? The focusing system with only 11 SAFOX X may have improved their performance from the original version VIII, but it is totally inadequate for subjects with erratic movements. In my opinion, Pentax urgently needs to develop a new autofocus system with a larger number of focus points and closer to each other, to their flagship as Canon made ​​long ago and also Nikon since 2007 and leave the SAFOX X models initiation, if Pentax does not want to lose customers.
    On the other hand I'm happy for the new 560mm lens, but would have preferred a 500mm F4.

  3. Anonymous11/9/12 15:37

    You bet Q10 and K-5II are FAKE.
    You are manipulated by gossip fodder.
    Don't get angry despite your own fault.
    Shame on you !

  4. Anonymous11/9/12 15:44

    It may look dissapointing, but it is a perfect camera for real users, the perfect reportage camera. they may have used sony´s 24mp sensor, but noise is still a problem at high iso (800+). 24mp is for landscape shooters using tripods. high dynamic range is also a plus in tricky reportage situations. the only question is: did thy improve the electronic part, live view for example?

  5. Will see how good that new AF is but im not holding my breath. But with so minor change in the hardware itself in k5II i believe pentax should offer an upgrade option to existing k5 users. But I think that wont happen. who would buy that k5II's then? ;)

    Btw why my comment disappeared? :o

  6. The IntenseDebate system suffers from some strange bugs recently with the overwhelming comments at my Blog site. I think you can still see your comment at the side bar, momentarily! And here is your last comment link that would never appear again, possibly!

  7. Anonymous11/9/12 16:22

    SMC is the ONLY reason people stay with Pentax.

    SMC, toghether with decent bokeh and camera design, is the only reason people do not go to Canon.

    Nikon with horrific Nikkor bokeh, and weird camera design, is a no way to me.

    But my interest is for FF35 DSLR ( and FF645D second), and no way to APS-C.

    I'll never ever buy APS-C lenses.

    I'll never ever buy another APS-C DSLR
    For APS-C *istD is fine.
    K-5 viewfinder is even smaller...

    Viewfinder wise, APS-C DSLR ar an absurd abomination, and for AF sensor sise - again and absurd abomination.

    Regarding AF sensor number, well I'm not that hungry for more...
    5 sensor AF from 18 years old, 1994 Canon Eos 1n, is still galaxies and kiloparsecs ahead, of anything Pentax has to offer.

  8. Anonymous11/9/12 16:31

    Very disappointed. I would have thought they would have used the NEX7 sensor, or something similar. I see no major reason to upgrade. The anti aliasing thing may be just a gimmick, I hope not, but we'll see. The jury is still out, but its not looking good at the moment.

  9. Anonymous11/9/12 16:33

    ROTFLAMAO. Rice you are oh so predictable. Of course it's a dark day. Any event like this would have been :-)

    Love how you call your "facts" facts. You got several misconceptions there but then what else is new?

  10. Anonymous11/9/12 16:41

    Slow down, fotokina has not even started. I would expect further announcements by Pentax as you also outlined earlier (K-3, 645D-II, etc.). It's not wise to use up all its powder in the first shot.
    Also, don't you think Sony's new FF-Compact sensor (RX1/A99) would make up a good basis for Pentax upcoming FF-DSLR next year?

  11. Anonymous11/9/12 16:41

    Maximum trolling

  12. Yes, I wonder what they had in mind when they 'invented' the K-5II(s). It looks they have no more cards up their sleeve, or have they?
    Now they have a K-30, which is a tuned down K-5, they have a K-5II, which is a 'modernized' K-5. Photokina is still to come, so my hopes are that they have saved the real new stuff for Photikina, like a aps-c K3, of maybe a 135 format K3/1 and a 645DII.

  13. There's no need for more AF points as the Pentax AF is much better than Canikon. http://ricehigh.blogspot.com/2012/07/panasonic-tested-that-k-5s-af-is-better.html

  14. Anonymous11/9/12 17:35

    Maximum trolling indeed. This is Rice High at its "best". To pick out just one thing out of the many errors you are making: The "old SONY sensor" as you call it, still leads the DxOMark ranking for APS-C sensors.

    P.S.: The K-3 will come soon and the you'll have to eat a lot of your words.

  15. Rice, a dark day can be definitely photographed with the new K5blah at the advertised -3EV :-)).
    Truth to be told, I'm a bit disappointed as well, had really hoped for a wider evolution. As already some folks said, this should have been the existing K5. The upcoming D600 looks very appealing, considering all this...

  16. As it stands you are absolutely right, this is a very disappointing set of announcements. As a DSLR filmmaker Pentax is invaluable because of the in-body SR, which means I can make relatively smooth shots with ANY lens. This is for me one of the main reasons I stuck with Pentax. But you also mentioned a Russian rumor that there would be 9 new product announcements. These were 8. So I see hope for a possible K-3 at Photokina, one that takes on the advances made in DSLR photography and videography by Canon.

  17. Mistral7511/9/12 19:07

    > But you also mentioned a Russian rumor that there would be 9 new product announcements. These were 8.

    The Russian site said there would be 9 press releases. There were actually: the ninth is about the new HD coating.

  18. Anonymous11/9/12 19:48

    Boo hoo, poor RH! You act like all of Pentax' production lines have stopped and there will be no new products for the next two years!

    You want Pentax to do things just the way you want, and you want it NOW!

  19. RH, next time read better the press release : the new HD coating will takes it place near the SMC and Ghostless SMC.

    Just read what is written.

  20. Anonymous11/9/12 20:11

    All this is very predictable, the k5 was going to be upgraded, just like mz5 to mz5n then the mz3 was introduced and then mz-s, so following this we can expect k3 and k3s (24 mp apsc) and the k1 full frame in time, this is certain as pentax cannot continue with 16mp when camera phones have 14mp, mr Nikon will have a full frame line up d4 d800 d600 and if the d400 appears with Full frame APSC IS dead, Canon will introduce a d3 and d8 full frames to counter Nikon, and pentax will be left with a flagship K3 24MP APSC with the same chip as Nikons 3200 very base bottom of the line model.
    Regards Snappertim

  21. Wow, I would say your glass is empty.

    My half full take:

    Im not exactly sure why it is a bad thing that Pentax is choosing to refine an excellent sensor rather than using a new one. Looking at the results for the 24MP Nikon D3200 - the next logical step up - performance appears worse than the 16MP K5 or the 12 MP k-r.(http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-d3200/20)
    The only "benefit" appears to be larger file sizes. I would rather see Pentax create an exceptional sensor than join the MP race. I seem to remember that we all managed to use the set "MP" rating of film for a long time.

    I suppose more AF points would be nice but I find that I only use 4 or 5 consistently.

    As much as I would like a Full Frame body I dont relish the idea of all my tele lenses getting shorter.

    I like the direction Pentax is headed. The 560mm lens fills a HUGE gap. Two DSLR bodies that are excellent and a strange mirrorless that should be great by version 3. And the Q is coming along. It will always be a niche but one that pentax can occupy alone.

    Relax and enjoy!

  22. Hi there. I totally agree with you that there is no reel reason to stay with Pentax any more. I had invested heavily over the last 2 years in a fairly large Sixma EX range, all with FF capacity in the vain hope that someday Pentax would out a FF body. I cant see this hapening plus all the focusing issues and the total lack of ergonomic workflow tethering via lightroom or capture one. I need that desperately as having my own studio requires a fully professional workflow from a client and user point of view.
    I know it is sad to talk of this on a Pentax page but i would like to have your oppinion on the Canon 5DIII compared with the Nikon D800 for professional use. I have watched a lot of vids recently and on thing that seems to come up is the canon 64 point focus system which seems to be lightning quick and accurate compared with the Nikon. The only thing that would possibly swing me to the Nikon is the higher resolution which is obvoiusly important for studio work. My intention is to buy either one or the other and couple it to a Sinar P3 SLR for studio packshots and use it as a normal DSLR for textile and headshots. If you have any input on the matter or if by miracle you have a little time to discuss the matter via mail i will gladly send you my email address.

  23. wait for Photokina before to say any word...

  24. Anonymous11/9/12 20:46

    Hi Rice,

    What went "wrong" with your SONY experience ?

    I shifted from PENTAX K7 K5 after soo many dissapointments re AF in low/ artificial light issues and the mirror slap blurr issue towards the SLT Sony cam A57 with several of their nice lenses ( 16-50 2.8 and 70-300 G lens) A new and fantastic faultless experience and a leap ahead of the PENTAX struggle I had . Still I do adore the K5 feel and look and features but hey just try this A57 like I did and don`t look back. ( even using PDAF in live view gets into your system !)


  25. Anonymous11/9/12 21:59

    I have a different perspective on this as a hobbyist photographer. I upgraded to a K5 18 month ago when the price started to drop and I never looked back at my Kx.
    Now that the mk2 is announced and with only small improvements, I'm even more comfortable that I bought the right camera in the first place! I even can start hoping to get firmware updates in the future!
    I really enjoy my DA lenses 50-135, 40, 70, 18-135 and my old M lenses.
    I don't make money with my camera, I just capture memories, and an APSC K5 is just great for that (Ahhh TAV mode). Sure, I'd like a faster AF with 3D tracking mode, better TTL or better video controls but I'd have to go without cheaper pro lenses and no more DA (or FA) limiteds. No thank you.

  26. The grass is always greener on the other side... ;)

  27. Anonymous11/9/12 22:05

    Completely unsurprising, RH first tried hard to raise up expectations to unreasonable levels, now he's complaining. Wow.
    But the childish reasons... I hoped he could do better.

    1. There's nothing wrong with the number "5". Really.

    2. Not even the D4 can focus down to -3EV. Doesn't that makes the SAFOX X slightly... impressive?

    3. They kept the best APS-C sensor on the market, good.

    4. A FF or a true APS-C flagship right now would leave a gap in their product range... exactly where the K-5 II is. They were smart enough to know what the priorities are.

    5. Not redeveloping the camera from scratch, because their limited resources are needed elsewhere? Good idea, the K-5 is an excellent camera anyway.

    And some silly RH "facts":
    1. You have no clue, what are you complaining about?
    2. The LCD is protected by tempered glass.
    3. The D800e has about the same pixel density... just sayin'
    4. Good; they didn't spent precious resources into inexpensive superzoom junk; they're working on the better lenses instead.
    5. Not a fan of the "HD" thing, but it's a non-issue. What truly matters is the Pentax brand!
    6. Q10 looks nice, great! :p

  28. Anonymous11/9/12 22:10

    He... I had many good shots with my K7 and K5`s.
    However it is nice to own a Porsche that can drive in the highest gears an not only in the first 3 gears as this was how I felt with the K5 at times. Maybe I don`t have a Porsche now with the SONY SLT A57 but a NISSAN ZX but at least I can use it as it should be all over the range and in all circustances you normally would trow it in at. No more...." oo,oh there is a artificial light source in my finder so it may well be a faulty autofocus". No, just push the accelerator and go ...! That is 2012 gear about.

  29. Informed one11/9/12 22:24


    You still lose adequate focus on situation, huh? You still not thinking "what is reasonable" but "what I want"?

    Let me little explain for you (according to your post numbers):

    1. It's crisis on the world, don't you think? Including on Pentax too. But, any way, why K-3? To be competitor of what? Nikon d400, d7100? Canon 7dII, 70d? Where they are?
    Not today. Today just don't need to be released K-3. When they come, shortly after we will see K-3. My prediction - February / March... or May 2013.

    2. 11 focus point is absolutely still enough. See Hasselblad? Just 1. So?
    -3 EV is big step, very big. This is 4 time less light, but working AF. I doubt other camera may do that (-3 EV AF operation).

    3. 16 MP is absolutely still enough. At least for now, with this not-that-good 24 MP Sony sensor. Next generation 24 MP, may be. Will see.

    4. K-5 class is crop, remember? Why they leave this class, where they lead now?
    On the other hand - what is better:
    A. Not-so-good crop + Full frame (nikon/canon)
    B. Very good crop + medium format (on price of top FF)

    5. This is directly connected to 1. This isn't new camera. This is existing model, just improved AF. Why then they make any other changes? They will come whit K-3 model, when it come.

    Other numbers comment, just speculation:

    1. There will be much larger central AF cross-sensor. In it's all-size area, it's will be more sensitive, thus remain AF on F2.8 and large. But when aperture become smaller than F2.8, the sensor will be at reduced size, i.e. not all it's size, but reduces on central part only. See example - Canon 7d AF sensors.

    2. Pentax do not remove the outer transparent window ; instead they fill the gap between LCD and outer transparent window whit some kind gelatin-like material, making air-free sandwich, and thus eliminate internal reflections.

    3. Removing AA-filter have some reason, the results will be seen soon. Moare patterns today are easily reducible in many RAW-developed software.

    4. No comment. Pentax decision.

    5. No comment. Personally, I don't care about "smc" or "HD" mark on front of lens ; this isn't do photos. I do, whit lens itself, and if lens continues do great photos, well... to me not big deal.

    6. The Q now going to right market/segment position, whit right overall material/price. Pentax abandoned the Optio line, now they have the Q line. Very smart decision, IMHO.

    And finally - who care of your personal decision to leave Pentax for Canon? You care, the only one itself. Nobody else (especially in Pentax division) will be sad and cry, after all...

  30. Anonymous11/9/12 22:43

    I would like to expand on Anonymous's (10:05PM) comments.
    A. -3EV: that's two stops better than previous rating. Coincidentally (not really) AF sensor change from f/5.6 to f/2.8 is two stops. Specs also indicate that there is a provision for wavelength compensation.
    B. RH's comments about DOF masking AF accuracy shows he doesn't really understand AF, diffraction, and the effects of f-stop. Measurements can't be made more accurately than the physics of the optics.
    C. D800e--same pixel density: +1! There are very few high frequency situations in most photos to give moire patterns. Also, IMO the K-5 AA filter is just a bit too aggressive.
    D. HD coating: from a technical POV it's very exciting. I look forward to seeing the results of lens tests. Pity I probably will never be able to afford any HD lens.
    From a marketing POV they could have named it SMC-HD to carry over the SMC reputation.
    E: Tamron re-badge: Don't know the price yet, but Pentax will probably do what they did with the rebadged Tokinas--Charge more!

  31. How many years have you practised photography and you still don't understand how AF works?

    "That says when the lens is opened at near f/2.8, the AF will be more accurate, but now the AF accuracy at smaller apertures and stopped down is affected and is not that accurate"

    What a load of garbage... please educate yourself on how f2.8/f5.6 AF sensors work (FYI, AF is always done wide open, never stopped down...), why don't you read one of your beloved Canon white papers on the subject? They are quite simple to understand, even for someone like you.

  32. Anonymous11/9/12 22:58

    This has to be the worst "rumor site I have ever encountered... hopefully you'll stop ridiculing yourself after these lasts masterpieces...

  33. I’m sorry to say that this was NOT what I was expecting from Pentax this time……No upgrade of camera for me this time…..So, I guess my next purchase from Pentax would be the 16-85 WR lens whenever that will be available…..I am a little bit disappointed actually….

  34. Anonymous12/9/12 01:02

    Funny, Canon didn't update the 7D and Nikon didn't replace the D300s...

    And now, I can't make great pictures anymore because my K-5 is to old?

    Maybe all disappointed people here should buy themselves a Leica.

  35. Anonymous12/9/12 01:30

    Yeah, me too. Disappointed with what Pentax-Ricoh announced today. After two years from the launch of the original K-5, this is all what they have? Seeing the K-5II/s' video specs from dpreview.com is so disappointing. The flash' sync speed is still unbelievably slow.
    Now, for full frame, I'm looking forward on the Nikon D600 if Pentax doesn't still produce one until February next year...

  36. guys, it's definitely not about Nikon / Canon updating their models. it's about the slow way Pentax is updating their system. Of course, the K5 is a great tool, but the next generation should be simply better. not in terms of megapixels but in terms of technnology + features and simply put, the K5blahblah isn't a technology leap :-). in my oppinion, this is what the current k5 should have been from the beginning.
    plus the current lenses lineup should be updated & tweaked. look at nikon - they released almost a full range of primes with f1.8. of course, there's the existing one having f1.4 :-).
    don't misunderstand, i love pentax but technology-wise, they are outdated. of course, i still can take great pictures and i'll surely use my k5 for the next years...

  37. Anonymous12/9/12 03:02

    Rice high, Next post for HOw use a canon 5D whit a limited FA lens Pentax


  38. Hang on a minute guys. You have all been hanging to your chair seats for the last couple of months reading sites like this, breathing evry breath of information that could be found on it. If rice had got it all right then he would have bern a hero. At it is you are taking free pot shots. Why dont you do your own blogs 24/7 and see if YOU get it all right!
    There are all levels of pentax users on this blog from happy snappers to pros, all loving the fact that they share the same passion fir Pentax. Unfortunately there are sime pros like me that just cant work with semi/pro or enthusiast level cameras. Its not just the image quality but the workflow that creates the problem. I have to work tehtered! The only pentax dslr available for fully remote tethering is.... The K20d. I cant shoot direct to lightroom nor to capture 1. Niether the K5 nor the new version are tetherable nor work with pentax capture! I cant work this way and my clients wont except either. As i keep on saying, spot the missing mount in the current sigma EX line up. Pentax I need a pro camera body, with a pro workflow and even if the K5II is the best camera since Daguerre, it cant be used in a pro environment such as the one that myself or others are confronted with. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong but one thing is sure, there are a hell of a lot of pros using the 5dIII and the D800 for STUDIO work! Why? Because it does the job. Period!
    Give the guy a break and grow up with dull comments for gods sake. We are trying to defend Pentax here but you dont seem to get the point

  39. Anonymous12/9/12 04:39

    This blog and blogger are big dumb joke.

  40. Dramaqueen :P Seriously.

    Also, why wouldn't a 16MP sensor benefit from removing the AA filter as much as any other sensor? That makes absolutely no sense. So only when you have A LOT of pixels does it make sens to make the images shaper? Please.

    Also, mice and cheese, not mouses and cheeses.

    I'm really looking forward to the K-5 IIs. That they didn't use the newest CPU (the one in K-01 and K-30) is weird, but maybe it's a sign of more to come at Photokina or not too late after, I have no idea.

    It seems to me you only complain about Pentax, and you keep saying how other brands are very good, so why do you even bother? If I keep disliking something, or if something keeps disappointing me, I move on if there are things out there I feel is better for me.

  41. @Alexnder Evensen: A Sensor with low resolution and AA Filter does not make sense. To understand this you must understand Nyquist and Aliasing Effect.

    The Aliasing effect occurs if the lpm density of the motiv is much higher than the resolution of your sensor. this will lead to unnatural structures, called moire. thus the higher your resolution (No. of megapixels) the less probable or often it will be that these unwanted effects will occur. with a low resolution sensor it is more probable that moiree effects occur because even relatively low lpm objects will cause unwanted moiree effects. Thus we prevent the moirre in two ways: use a filter to surpress high lpm numbers in the photographed image (make it unsharp) or increase resolution so that you need really high lpm to cause the effect. the idea is that high lpm patterns are quite uncommon. this is a physical effet i recommend to read about on wikipedia or a good book about system theory if you're advanced mathematican. consider claude e. shannon too

  42. I have the same feeling, disappointment, long wait for a mere revision / development of the K5, I hope some last minute surprise PHOTOKINA or gray will be a time ...

  43. Anonymous12/9/12 09:13

    Pentax Imaging USA have just linked this post from their twitter page.


    "You might be interested in Pentax when you learn that their new SAFOX AF assembly goes down to EV -3 sensitivity, which is twice the low light sensitivity of any Sony AF unit so far made – and to date, no company has bettered the low light ability of Sony AF modules. You don’t get anything better than Sony even from Canon and Nikon, when it comes to operating in low light.

    But now you do, you get Pentax at twice the sensitivity. You also get the entire SAFOX module offering f/2.8 accuracy, not just the centre spot. Bear in mind that the latest 15-zone and similar assemblies used by Nikon, Sony and others actually only offer a fixed f/5.6 accuracy."

    Read more: http://www.photoclubalpha.com/2012/09/11/no-aa-filter-for-future-sony-models/

  44. Anonymous12/9/12 10:08

    I'm glad to hear you are no longer going to be buying Pentax gear or blogging about Pentax. I think if you do the right thing you may get some of your credibility back by covering Canon or another brand. You might need to change your blog description so Chinese users know you are no longer talking about Pentax. Thanks.

  45. Anonymous12/9/12 10:50

    Ricehigh, No opinion on the 560mm? Can you compare the value of the 560mm to the historical FA600 or FA250-600?

  46. Stuart, as a 5D3 user myself, what I can tell is that I am satisfied with its high performance and the IQ of it as well.

    I think you will not go wrong in either investing into Canon or Nikon, as these systems are complete and they do have a future, which both are not the case with Pentax.

    Good luck whatever!

  47. S. B. Goh12/9/12 14:00

    Technology keep changing fast nowadays, Pentax is improving, but on their own pace.

    You can blame that other vendors' new products not good as it first invented but at least they had made the first step forward, and they will keep on enhancing fast.

    One good thing about pentax is you can hold your camera value for longer than other brands as they only enhance minors from time to time.

    From a K10D user to K5 user, I can see the improvements but it is just slow, and I had realize and learned that buying a dslr camera, is not just buying a kit but buying a whole series of kits or system, we need all other compartments to complete and support us.

    How many 2 years you have or can wait for just some minor changes?

    Is K10D can take a good photos, yes it still can, but best in only some conditions, then why New Technology while it is good enough now? You can keep enhancing the interior or exterior or even little fine tuning the engine of your 1000cc vehichle to the best options or conditions as possible, but when on the race or just on road, your are just far behind the standard. We need new technology to produce better result at less works and shorter time.
    If you can wait does not mean your customers can, customer demands is keep changing high as others are offering better choices to compete.

    My conclusion is, Pentax just for hobby use, don't take it serious for work, then you and me are just fine with your kit and it is still the best in yourself!
    So no need to change, no need to upgrade for now and future, and even no need to read and comment in this blog about of this news.

  48. Thanks Rice for your input. I will be testing over the next few weeks then discussing with Sinar about possible coupling issues with the P3.

    As to all the dull comments you are having to put up with on your blog, i feel pretty sory for you. Internet users today dont realy have a clue that when they insult someone on a blog, it is as big an offence as when you do it in public.

    I seem to have come in for some criticism as well which is uncalled for and just goes to show how little a lot of people, native or non native english speakers actually understand! People have the right to have differing opinions, that is the basis of modern democracy.

    I have defended the brand (not quite sure why because my life didnt depend on it so to speak) since the first time i picked up a ME super in 1984. Apart from meduim format and field cameras I have always been Pentax (the pentax 6x7 was the most cumbersome piece of number 2 to work with but the lenses were fantastic on a LX!). I love the build quality, the ruggedness and the quirky lens selection. Like a lot of people I also like the "not a canon, not a nikon" effect of using a Pentax but in my working environment its just not happening from a workflow point of view. I will always keep my Pentaxes for personal use but for work i will have to use higher level tools.

    Good luck Rice and dont let the dullards get you down

  49. Anonymous12/9/12 19:21

    Thanks for your blog. I just bought a K5 and I like it. I found your blog extremely useful to take the decision.

    I have also Canon and Sony. Each has its strength and weakness. In some situations, I go with Canon or Sony. If I want to shoot on bad weather, on the beach or a boat, I'll take my K5 with me. K5II is not worth an upgrade, but for those who missed the opportunity to go with the K5, they can go for it.

  50. Anonymous12/9/12 20:11

    on the bright side, Pentax could have gone ahead to name it the K-3 instead of K-5II, and get trashed for it.

  51. Muppet Man12/9/12 21:04

    No shocks here soon as Ricoh took over they jacked up lens prices across the Pentax range.
    K30 ok nice enough but bit overpriced in it's class/range

    Pentax have NOTHING to show dump them and get a Canikon least you have stuff to buy!

  52. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. Anonymous13/9/12 17:36

    I thought, a dark day for a photography enthusiast is when his/her camera and lenses get stolen or get damaged when he/she ist about to shoot the image of the life :). Now we have to discover, that a dark day is when "your" brand does not release the products you wish.
    I would suggest: Take some photos, enjoy your Pentax gear.

  54. Anonymous15/9/12 03:05


    Boy, if you need a Canon or Nikon to do your job, do so, it doesn't mean that everybody needs the same. The K-5 is aimed at the expert amateur, not the professional. I think Pentax did great. An update for Photokina means there's something else behind, they were not ready. The Sony and Nikon new FF have been announced now, in 6 months time Pentax will be allowed to realese a camera with the same sensor. This is probably why we only have a K-5 update. And Rocoh said it out and loud: "we want to position Pentax at the same level of Nikon and Canon", this means a FF.

  55. Anonymous17/9/12 21:54


    It would seem to me your a strange professional who doesn't pick the correct tools for his job.

    and then even stranger blames said tools for not being fit for your purpose.

    Seems more unprofessional than anything else.

  56. The trade offs between noise for High ISO and image detail are obviously problematic above 16-20mp. It is hoped that Pentax will come out with a 20MP camera next year, and with a Prime 3 processor to jump through the video hoops. The K-30 is nice, but the K-5 is 14 bit raw, and also is so much better built.

    They will have to play catch-up at that time on the video features, on auto focus features for this, etc. But my K-5 is a jewel. When you go to 24MP the action capability for fps capture radically falls, and the read-write capacity and noise reduction capacity of the camera as an image processor begins to fall. 16-20 MP is really the best range for action and quality for ASP-C format cameras. Even FF cameras slow down the action-ability and Image Quality contributors for sequences when upping the MP range.

    Pentax still has some good lens offerings, in spite of price increases on paper. Real marketing says they will have to compromise with the big mail order dealers and big box stores to have market share. They simply need to still be below Nikon and Canon prices on lenses to be relevant to the marketplace. Actually PK manufacturing quality with the flagship units is par or above now, and was for the K-10 through 20 series as well.

    If I were Pentax I would market to the outdoor sports stores, with special bundling, special use packs, accompanying support gear, etc. for adventure explorers and documentary location video. The flagship and below weather resistant units are their feature claim for good results. Sponsor some teams, and adventures, like cross country skiing, mountaineering, and orienteering teams. Mountain bike and other extreme sports, triathlons, etc. can appeal to their own enthusiast's gearing up with the best weather resistant Pentax offerings.

    Go to the American Mountaineering Center, in Golden, Colorado, and hold a CMC and other members brainstorming forum on how to position and place Pentax gear into their gear mentalities.

  57. Just smash your Pentax DSLR on the ground and switch to something that has a future :)
    Just joking. Seriously, you should sell your lenses while they are still worth something before everybody else does that. Soon even Nikon and Canon APS-C DSLR users will be switching en masse.

  58. Anonymous8/1/13 07:15

    Ricoh where good cameras go to die.
    These dudes are clueless, price hikes all over the place, no product development just another dumb a$$ buyer for Pentax yet again.

    Please some company that has a clue buy Pentax

  59. Anonymous16/3/13 12:48

    That why i hate Ricoh,
    with their GXR even we have to update (buy) new sensor to keep use our camera and lenses,
    it so ridiculous and cheapskate,
    My solution is:
    For Update Camera i only use Canon and Fuji (i couldnt afford Leica)
    For Pro SLR (80's - 2000's) i Only Use My Nikon F3;
    For Premium Nostalgic of 70's i only use Asahi Pentax (ME, MX, K2, K2DMD, K1000, and KX, and i'd like to buy some Asahi SPII/ES too.