Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nikon 1 (Very) Brief Hands-on Impressions

1. The body is heavier and thicker than expected.

2. The glossy white painting looks toyish (subjective anyway), but overall the body is felt quite solidly built.

3. The kit zoom cannot be operated until it is unlocked and extended. The lens looks and feels cheap and it has very rough feeling during zooming.

4. AF is fast, continuous shooting is very very fast and duration is long. But yet the feeling is strange, it's just like playing sound track than real shooting, nonetheless. The shutter sound is very low (maybe it is real).

5. The V1 viewfinder is large and bright, but I am not impressed with the DR and image fineness. Do remember it is just a EVF afterall, still!

6. Putting the Pentax Q with the J/V1 side by side, the Q is truly a dwarf!

7. The P-Q shutter action seems to be more pleasant, but its shutter sound could be fake anyway (and is a playback from the speaker), I suspect.

8. Control and user-friendliness of the N-1s is not as good as the P-Q, which is surely more intuitive to use and controls are more direct.

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