Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Useful Summary on PhotoZone Pentax Lens Tests

This is a re-posted old summary by someone at the Chinese Xitek Pentax forum, for all the PZ Pentax lens tests and results on a K10D body. It is presented in a very clear way which is easy to read which helps a lot:-

Note that for the first star/rating column it is about the optical quality and the second column is about the mechanical quality. And, the lenses are ranked, from the best (which is at the top) to the worst (down to the bottom). As for the last column of the table, it is "highly recommended" if it is marked.

Enjoy! Btw, whilst PZ/Klaus has been updating his review for these old Pentax lenses on a new K-5 body of his, it has been verified that the results and conclusions would be much different from the old ones. That is, good lenses are yet good ones and mediocre lenses are still mediocre! :-o

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