Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Old Unpublished Shootout: MZ-S Vs K100D Vs 5D

Here is a shootout test which I made years ago but did not publish before. It is about shooting-out a MZ-S w/ a FA24-90 (w/ Slide Film) Vs an APS-C K100D w/ a DA16-45 Vs a Full Frame Canon 5D w/the EF 24-105L. Here we go:-

EXIF data are kept for the K100D and 5D samples, which are in full size of 6MPs and 12MPs respectively. The slide used for the MZ-S film gear was a roll of Fuji Sensia II 100, which was processed and then eventually scanned using a Minolta Dual Scan III film scanner, in 12MPs also.

Each picture was shot with close enough settings as possible, e.g., the same focal and Av. However, as the base ISO of the K100D was 200 but the rating of the film is 100, I opted to test the 5D in ISO 200 also. The cameras were then mounted onto a tripod and the shots were taken with mirror-locked up before the exposure.

View the album, the first ten pictures with numbering X-XX are of the film, and the the second group of ten with file names of IMGPxxxx are of the K100D and then the last group with the names of IMG_xxxx are of the 5D. It's your take now, if you're yet to measurbate. In short, I might conclude that "Film was Dead", but then do note that the workflow may NOT be fair enough to the film after all! :-)

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"Film is Dead"! ;-)

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