Friday, September 02, 2011

K-5 Replacement Coming?

First of all, Pentax Imaging (USA) is making a $300 Price Reduction plus $100 Rebate on the purchase of K-5 and kits. A quick check to B&H's listed price verifies that it takes immediate effect for the promotion:-

N.B. and Update (9-5): Some people have pointed out that the price reduction and rebate is tricky. Whilst Pentax Imaging wants to clear their K-5 stock with this marketing campaign, the consumers actually do not benefit as much as it is claimed. See the following posts in thread:-

Next, Pentax France is teasing a new Pentax DSLR per their open e-invitation to a product show, which is going to be held from 6th to 10th of October:-

first via:

And this is the translation made by the OP:-

"Of course, we have other new products to introduce to you, but we can't tell you more for the moment."

Nonetheless, my own best understanding to the statement is that "new innovations" and "new camera features" will be presented, but these are not necessary to be "new products" anyway.

Finally, as seen from the teaser image of the new camera, it looks like the K-5, and at the right shoulder of the body there is a longer flat area for a top LCD status panel. But, the problem is just that if the dark shadow is the new camera, or just an image of the K-5? Who knows?

Update (9-3): Pentax France has modified the e-invitation pdf file and now the black shadow of the "new camera" has been deleted. So, it seems that this thing is somehow real then! Btw, if you still want to download the original copy of the pdf file, download it here. (My special thanks to my Blog readers "bandymelis" and "eighter" for providing this alert and the pdf file, respectively! :-))

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