Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is the Most Silly and Uncompassionate Public Post that I've Seen in the Year!

I just can't help myself to write something to express my disgust and disappointment, even though I think direct "attack" to yet another somehow more famous and "popular" Pentax writer should be avoided for most of the time. But I think the mentality of his is really really bad and this reflects typical silly Pentax fanboyism that is always existent amongst those stupid Pentax fanboys. See this latest post at that semi-official "Pentax DSLRs" blog:-


I think as a long-time Pentax supporter and customer myself, I do want Pentax to do good things and be going strong by themselves, with their right decisions made and hard efforts paid, but NOT to hope natural disasters and other human unfortunates to go over other competitors so as to "help" Pentax and could even feeling happy for that! As a Pentaxian myself, I really feel rather ashamed of that kind of really bad mentality and childish behaviour!

In contrast, I think we should always bless for those people who are affected and hope that the adverse situation could improve and everything could come back normal as soon as possible, with minimal loss to asset damage or more importantly minimal life loss should be caused. To act more pro-actively, we should see what we could do to offer help, for those who are being suffered, truly.

Moreover, I think Pentax PR is also plain stupid enough to let that guy to register the website domain of instead of keeping that name by the Pentax themselves since the name simply looks purely official as it should be and no other camera brand of others would do that and allowed that happened! Hope Ricoh should rectify the problem soonest later on! :-o (N.B. is a Pentax Imaging (USA) registered and owned website, on the other hand.)

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