Friday, October 21, 2011

No More AF is Needed, Out-focus or Not, the Camera Records it All!

I first read this Engadget report few days ago, then Dpreview has also reported it yesterday. So, I did more research about what it is. Frankly, in the very beginning, I was a bit susceptible that if it is yet another paper/vapourware that will have no real product come into the world and never.

So, here comes the sectional structure diagram of a real product as it reports:-

And more about the inventor Lytro, which more information can be found at their website, for example:-

And some more illustrations:

At last, if you still won't believe it (just like me before), here is a latest YouTube demo by the CNet:-

After all, this is not a paperware. It is a real product with selling price(s)! At about $400 for the cheaper version, will YOU buy this Kaleidoscope-alike Toy or Pentax'? (Yes, I mean the Q!)

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