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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One More 645D Full Size Sample (Portraiture)

Further to the images posted at Travel67 by Chris Wilson, there is a full-size portraiture sample posted by Peter Fang at his flickr page, via his DPR forum post:-

(Warning: Very Large File in 17MB)

The image is RAW converted using the Lightroom. As before, I just don't like the skin tone rendition and its colour response, as I have seen from other samples as well. Frankly speaking, I found that the 645D has the old colour response and taste of the old *ist D, which of course is not so favourable for my own taste, at least.

Btw, as already have been pointed out by Peter, the lighting condition was not so favourable anyway. I guess he would post more samples which are to be taken under better conditions. Hopefully I can see some images that are produced directly out of the 645D which is all by Pentax as a package then. Stay tuned, I blog, you decide~

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