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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yet Another SDM Victim (and the SDM Petition Reminder)

See this latest user report and SDM is actually the culprit for the problem(s) which the user is complaining about:-


As a reminder, for those Pentaxians who suffered and is suffering from the SDM failure and issue(s), please sign this online petition, you can contribute a little bit more to push Pentax/Hoya to admit the problem (wishful thinking anyway, I knew) so that the inherent/latent bug can be removed (not until that there will be brighter future for the brand Pentax!). For more details and the background, see:-


Well, I haven't signed yet so far. But if the number of signatures approaches 1,000, I will sign.

Besides, Pentax/Hoya should give us a True Ultrasonic AF driving solution for real system performance (as we all knew SDM just means Slooow and Sluuugish), shan't they?