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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Summary Matrix for Equipment Tests and Reviews

Well, it's time for me to do a summary on the major shootout tests and reviews I have presented in my this Blog so far. I believe that it would be much easier to read and I shall update this Matrix from time to time, when new tests / Blog Posts come (Most Tests in the Matrix are by Me):-

K-7 Vs 5D ISO
K-7 Sharpness Setting (by Other)

K-7 SR Performance
(by Other)
K-m + FA28 Vs 5D + FA43

K-m Full Review
K-x Vs 5D ISO

K-x Vs 5D + EF24-105L SR Performance

K-x Vs K-7 ISO (by Other)
K-x Vs K-m ISO

K-x Vs K-m ISO (by Other)
K-x Sharpness Setting

K-x NR Setting

K-x Full Review

DAL18-55 Vs DA16-45 Vs FAJ18-35 Vs FA24-90 Vs SA18-55! (on K-x)
GF-1 Vs 5D ISO

GF-1 + FA43 Vs 5D + FA*85/EF85

GF-1 Vs K-x ISO

550D + EF17-40L Vs K-x + DA16-45 ISO

550D + EF1740L & FA28 Vs K-x + DA16-45 & FA28

550D + EFS18-55IS Vs K-x + DA16-45
550D Full Review


NEX-5 + E18-55OSS Vs K-x + DA16-45

NEX-3 Vs K-x ISO

NEX-5/3 Quick Review

Other Unclassified Group Tests / Shootouts (Most by Others):-

My K-r First Hands-ons (Tested Twice) (by Me)

Pentax AF 300mm(ish) Fully Compared (by Me)

Shootout for Six 50mm Lenses

DA 18-55 I Vs II Vs DA 16-45 (Imatest Test)

Pentax K-7 + SDM Vs Canon 7D + USM (AF Speed Check)

DA 70 Vs FA 77

DA* 16-50/2.8 Vs Sigma 18-50/2.8 EX Vs Tamron SP 17-50/2.8

645D Vs 5D MkII Vs K-7

A850 Vs D700

NX10 Vs K-7 / GF-1 / EP-1 / EP-2

NX10 ISO Check (by Me)

FA 31: AIV Vs MIJ (by Me)

DA 15 Vs DA 12-24

K-7 Vs 7D Vs D300s

UV Protectors Fully Compared

A* 85/1.4 Vs EF 85/1.2L II

K-7 Vs 50D Vs D300 (Frame Rate, AF Speed and Accuracy Tests)

K-7 Beta Vs K20D ISO

GX-20 Vs K20D - Fully Compared

K-m Vs K20D (AF Speed Test)

D700 Vs 5D IQ (by Me)

DA* 16-50 Vs SIGMA 18-50/2.8

DA* 16-50 Vs DA 16-45

(Last Updated: October 28, 2010)