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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Bits and Pieces (June 17)

1. Japanese BCN DSLR/EVIL sales ranking for the last week:-

(in Japanese)

Whilst the Sony NEX is doing well and the top ranked DSLRs are still the world of N and C, the best K-x ranking drops to 25. On the other hand, the 645D appears at 60 which is yet higher than the ranking of the K-7, at 66.

2. Samsung NX 20mm F2 Pankcake lens image leaked:-

(Source URL: http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/7571/samsungnx20mmf2.jpg)

Well, now Pentax has lost completely their pancake advantage for making smaller APS-C DSLR bodies and pancake primes. It seems that the Samsung NX is the true way to go! (first putting aside the image quality difference, if any). I think unless Pentax is yet to make their new DSLRs thinner and smaller, they won't have the edge anymore as long as compactness is concerned.

3. Super Price Alert!! K-7 is now selling at $763.95 (or $663.95??!) @B&H with instant saving of $100 up to June 20!:-


If the K-7 now is really just so cheap, this supports and coincides with the previous rumours of that the K-7 replacement is really coming! And it should be very close this time! (as it is so obvious that Pentax is trying very hard to get rid of the lasting K-7 stock soonest!)